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Natural8 is part of GGNetwork. Natural8 is Asia's leading online poker room. With sponsored pros Xuan Liu, Kitty Kuo and Dong Kim, Natural8 enjoys very solid traffic. The site has a great mobile app for both iOS and Android. Natural8 accepts deposits via SKRILL and Neteller.

Weighted rake method
Good traffic
Weak players
Good software
No Tracker
High rake

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Natural8 is the fastest growing poker room in Asia, four of every five players are from China and their mobile software is nearly brilliant, those are the main reasons why the poker games are soft and fishy.

Natural8 are conducting active policy to find and keep recreational players and all their promotions, options and rules are directed towards them.

It's strictly forbidden to use other software (Hold'em Manager, Poker Tracker, etc.).

To deposit / withdraw in the Natural8 poker room, you must first enter your data into our system - HERE. We will verify your account with a room’s agent, then you will be able to deposit / withdraw directly through the room.

The payment methods are: ecoPayz and bitcoins (BTC).

There are no limits for depositing and withdrawing. The currency of the room is US Dollar (USD).

The rake in the poker room is as follows:
Blinds Buy-in Rake for the pot Rake cap for 2 players Rake cap for 3+ players
$0.05/$0.1 $1~$10 $0,01 for every $0.20 in the pot $1 $3
$0.1/$0.25 $5~$25 $0.01 for every $0.20 in the pot $1 $5
$0.25/$0.5 $20~$50 $0,05 for every $1 in the pot $1 $5
$0.5/$1 $50~$100 $0.10 for every $2 in the pot $3 $5
$1/$2 $100~$200 $0.20 for every $4 in the pot $5 $8
$2/$4 $200~$400 $0.40 for every $8 in the pot $8 $15
$3/$6 $500~$1000 $1 for every $20 in the pot $8 $15
$5/$10 $1000 and above $2 for every $40 in the pot $10 $20
As a part of the policy to promote recreational players there is a preflop rake in 3-bet pots and
as you can see the rake is slightly higher than in the classic poker networks but take our word for it - it`s worth it.

The software is one of the best that we have come across especially for the mobile devises, which draws recreational players to the tables.

We suggest to all our players - try this poker room!

Before you make your registration read the tab REGISTRATION in our offer.

Good luck!

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Registration - Part I


Before using our registration link, please delete all cookies from your browser. To delete cookies, you must go to: "Tools" -> "Internet Options" -> "Delete Cookies / Files".

After registering in any of our poker rooms, every player is required to enter his or her data HERE in order to be signed into our system and participate in our competitions and promotions.

If a player doesn’t provide his or her registration details to our system, he or she cannot takes advantage of our promotions and bonuses. If you have already made a registration and forgot to provide your details, please do that as soon as possible.

You should see your progress on your personal profile and in our competitions, when your request is approved by us. If you still don’t see your progress within three business days after approving your request, please contact us immediately at: grindsupp@gmail.com


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200% First Deposit Bonus

Natural8 is giving a 200% First Deposit Bonus for new players!

To be eligible for this bonus, the player must deposit a minimum of $100, up to a maximum of $500.

The bonus will be sent to players in $10 increments based on a bonus factor of 15% of rake paid. For example, the player will receive $10 in bonus once he/she has raked $66.67.

Terms & Conditions:
  • There is NO time limit for this bonus.
  • There are NO withdrawal restrictions for this bonus.
  • Each eligible player will only be entitled to ONE (1) First Deposit Bonus, per 1 customer, per 1 member account, per 1 family, per 1 IP address, per 1 e-mail address, per 1 payment account, and any attempts at abusing this promotion will not be tolerated. In the event of multi-accounting, bonus hunting or foul play, Natural8 reserves the right to forfeit and bonus amounts that have been paid, along with the remaining cash balance of guilty parties without prior notice.

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Vip program - Fish Buffet

Natural8 has announced their new programme Fish Buffet. It is a dynamic multi-tier loyalty scheme aimed at rewarding players based on the volume and frequency of their play.

The Fish Buffet will replace the current flat rakeback system in late October, so be sure to opt-in for the Fish Buffet via the game client when the update is ready on 30th October 2017 and start earning your Fish Buffet Points (FP)! The moment players opt in and start playing, they will start earning Fish Buffet Points (FP).

Terms and conditions:
  • The previous Rakeback program (Rakeback 35%) will be discontinued on October 30th after the last Rakeback instance on Monday, October 30th at 01:00:00 (GMT+8).
  • You will accumulate one FP every time you generate $0.01 rake.
  • The Fish Buffet Rewards Program offers 25 different levels for you to unlock and each level has varying FP and time limit requirements.
  • When the required FP amount is accumulated within the time limit, the corresponding level will be unlocked, giving you a chance to spin a wheel that has different rewards per level.
  • If the required FP amount is not met within the given time frame, then your FP for that level will expire and you will be demoted to the previous level.

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All-in Insurance

Natural8 have the unique option for "All-in insurance"! Insure your hand when you are all-in and the favorite with at least 67%.

If you lose the pot, Natural8 will compensate you with the money that you have lost.

  • The cost of the insurance is determined individually for each hand based on the chance to win the hand and the size of the pot.

Good luck!

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Straddle King

Natural8 has announced their November’s promotion – Straddle King. Play for a share of the $10,000. The total amount you invest via the ‘Straddle’ feature will be the key to winning this race. The race will reward a cash prize to the top 100 players who have accumulated the most straddle amount. All prizes are real money and will be paid into your account in at least 5 business days of the following month. Start your climb up the leaderboard and claim your share of the prize pool!

Introducing the world’s first straddle variation in which any player can post a straddle bet regardless of position. Forgoing the turn-based position theme, Natural8‘s straddle variation will allow any player to post a straddle bet before the hole cards are dealt. It can basically be thought of as an auction with the highest bidder being the last to act pre-flop!

Once the first person straddles, then a timer will be initiated waiting for any person to straddle next. After the first straddle bet is posted, all players will be given the option to either straddle or go all-in! This is called the 'No-Look All-In' due to the fact that the player has another choice to move all-in even before the cards are dealt.

In the case of an all-in, the next possible straddle bet will have to be larger than the corresponding all-in amount. In addition, a player who goes all-in with an amount below the next straddle amount will not be able to act last pre-flop.
Prize Reward
1 $1,500
2 $1,200
3 $800
4 $700
5 $550
6 $450
7 $330
8 $250
9 $200
10 $170
11~15 $130
16~20 $100
21~25 $75
26~30 $60
31~35 $50
36~45 $40
46~55 $35
56~65 $32
66~75 $26
76~85 $19
86~100 $17

Terms and Conditions:
  • This race will run from November 1st 00:00:00 to November 30th 23:59:59 (UTC+0).
  • For the race, a straddle bet will only be taken into account if the following circumstances are met:
  • If there are at least 4 players playing at the table.
  • If it is called (including 'No Look All-In') preflop
  • When multiple straddle bets are made, each of these bets must be matched by another straddle bet to be taken into account for the race.
  • Prizes will be transferred to the player’s balance within 5 business days of the following month.
  • Leaderboard updates everyday at 01:00 (UTC+0).
  • If any players on the leaderboard fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, GGNetwork has the right to investigate and remove the players from the leaderboard once it’s confirmed.

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Play in Natural8 promotion All-In Or Fold.

It is a simplified version of Hold’em and Omaha, in which players have only two options, either go all-in or fold.

The buy in is capped at 8 big blinds for Hold'em and 6 big blinds for Omaha respectively.

On All-In Or Fold tables players are also allowed to remove chips from the table at any time.

In addition to that, a Jackpot is awarded to players if they meet the special requirements.
  • For Hold'em: make a straight-flush with both your hole cards and take your piece of the Jackpot!
  • For Omaha: make a royal flush with two hole cards to be entitled to the jackpot.
More action and excitement awaits your play in Omaha. Decide to go all-in or to fold after seeing the flop to increase your chances of a big win.

Players are able to choose between either Table View or Player View.

Table View: Select Table View to choose the room you would like to join. This feature is tailored for players who would like to join a room that caters to their tastes. Players will be able to quickly preview the selected table to choose one to their liking.

Player View: Select the Player View to be seated automatically at a random table. This feature is designed for players who wish to skip all the fuss, and rather quickly join a table in order to get in on the action.

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$100,000 Tournament Leaderboard

Natural8 gives away $100,000 every month to their top 500 tournament players!

Accumulate Leaderboard points to collect your share of the prize pool!

Rank Prize
1 $5,000
2 $3,000
3 $2,000
4 $1,500
5 $1,200
6 $1,000
7 $900
8 $850
9 $800
10 $750
11~15 $700
16~20 $650
21~30 $600
31~40 $550
41~50 $500
51~60 $450
61~70 $400
71~80 $350
81~90 $300
91~100 $250
101~130 $220.50 ($31.50 Bounty Hunters X6 + $10.50 Bounty Hunters X3)
131~160 $189 ($31.50 Bounty Hunters X5 + $10.50 Bounty Hunters X3)
161~200 $147 ($31.50 Bounty Hunters X4 + $10.50 Bounty Hunters X2)
201~250 $115.50 ($31.50 Bounty Hunters X3 + $10.50 Bounty Hunters X2)
251~300 $100 ($15 Fortune Spin X4 + $5 Fortune Spin X8)
301~350 $85 ($15 Fortune Spin X3 + $5 Fortune Spin X8)
351~400 $70 ($15 Fortune Spin X2 + $5 Fortune Spin X8)
401~450 $60 ($5 Fortune Spin X10 + $1 Fortune Spin X10)
451~500 $50 ($5 Fortune Spin X8 + $1 Fortune Spin X10)
Total $99,940

Terms and Conditions
  1. All players who play any Tournament or Fortune Spin games will automatically participate in the Tournament Leaderboard.
  2. Leaderboard points are given out when players play Tournaments or Fortune Spin games. Players will receive points for the Tournament Leaderboard based on the number of entrants, the tournament buy-in and place of finish.
  3. Extra points are given to players who finish in the bubble.
  4. Satellite Tournaments, Private Tournaments, Freerolls do not give out Leaderboard points.
  5. For players who are knocked out before reaching payouts, 1 Leaderboard Point is given for every $1 used to buy into an event. Players who finish in the bubble receive double the amount of points.
  6. The following formula is used to calculate the Leaderboard points given to players who are in the money. [Buy-in amount * (total entrants / players place of finish)] Example: $100 buy-in tournament, 200 entrants, player finishes 5th -> 100 * (200/5) = 4,000 points
  7. Leaderboard points reset every month.

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Daily Guarantees

Natural8’s Daily Guarantees cover the most popular game formats and boast a total of $100,000 to be won every single day, with all guarantees doubled on Sundays!

Red, Green and Blue Daily Guarantees run every day of the week.

Check out the Daily Guarantees schedule below:

Time (UTC+0) Tournament
09:00 Daily Red $15
10:00 Daily Red $25
11:00 Daily Red $50
12:00 Daily Red $120
12:00 Daily Rebuys $8
13:00 Daily Red $40
14:00 Daily Red $150
15:00 Daily Red $30
15:00 Daily Rebuys $12
16:00 Daily Red $100
17:00 Daily 6-Max $5
18:00 Daily Blue $30
18:00 Daily Rebuys $5
19:00 Daily Blue $50
19:00 Daily 6-Max $20
20:00 Daily Blue $100
20:00 Daily Blue $10
21:00 Daily Blue $40
21:00 Daily Rebuys $10
22:00 Daily Blue $20
23:00 Daily Blue $15
00:00 Daily Blue $5
01:00 Daily 6-Max $50
02:00 Daily Green $20
02:00 Daily Rebuys $4
03:00 Daily 6-Max $10
04:00 Daily Green $10
05:00 Daily 6-Max $40
06:00 Daily Green $15
07:00 Daily Green $25
08:00 Daily Green $5

Satellites run regularly for Red, Green and Blue Daily Guarantees tournaments.

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Fortune Spin

This is one of the most exciting forms of Hold`em Sit & Go. When three players are registered, the fortune wheel will appear. Each spin will give the players chance of winning one of three prizes:

If the wheel stops at Fortune Cookie, the game will not take place and all the players will receive a Fortune Cookie. There is a Cookie Card inside every Fortune Cookie.

Structure and starting stack:

The Cookie Cards are given randomly. They represent 10 countries. If you collect all 10, you receive money bonus immediately:

The Cookie Cards for the different buy-in have to be collected separately. Whenever you receive money bonus, your collection of Cookie Cards will be reset.

If you receive the same Cookie Card five times, you receive special avatar.
When you receive your money bonus, you automatically get starting Cookie Card for free and it will be the Cookie Card that you have received the most times before winning the bonus.

On top of the money bonuses you have the option to participate in Weekly Sunday freerolls which have stunning monthly prize pool of $30 000.

You can find more information for these freerolls in the tab of our offer - Fortune Spin Cookie Freerolls.

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Looking for extra Omaha action?

Omaholic tournaments run on Natural8 three times every day.

On Sundays, all Omaholic guaranteed prize pools are doubled.

Check out the daily Omaholics tournament schedule below:
Time (UTC-9) Time (UTC+0) Event
05:00 14:00 Omaholic $10
13:00 22:00 Omaholic $10
17:00 02:00 Omaholic $10
Satellites run regularly for Omaholic tournaments!

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Bounty Hunters

Natural8 has launched new promotion Bounty Hunters!

It is a series of guaranteed Knockout tournaments running every day.

In the Knockout tournament format, you’ll snag a cash bounty for any player that you knock out in addition to playing for your share of the prize money.

As soon as the tournament goes in-the-money, the total bounty prize that each in-the-money player had accumulated will be directly credited to the player’s account, and the tournament will then proceed in a typical Freezeout format.

If a player is knocked out before reaching in-the-money, all of the bounty that he or she had collected will not be credited into the player’s account.

On Sundays, all Bounty Hunters guaranteed prize pools are doubled.

Check out the daily Bounty Hunters tournament schedule below:
Time (UTC + 0) Event
00:00 Bounty Hunters $31,50
01:00 Bounty Hunters $10,50
02:00 Bounty Hunters $63
03:00 Bounty Hunters $2,10
04:00 Bounty Hunters $31,50
05:00 Bounty Hunters $10,50
06:00 Bounty Hunters $63
07:00 Bounty Hunters $2,10
08:00 Bounty Hunters $31,50
09:00 Bounty Hunters $10,50
10:00 Bounty Hunters $63
11:00 Bounty Hunters $2,10
12:00 Bounty Hunters $31,50
13:00 Bounty Hunters $10,50
14:00 Bounty Hunters $63
15:00 Bounty Hunters $2,10
16:00 Bounty Hunters $31,50
17:00 Bounty Hunters $10,50
18:00 Bounty Hunters $63
19:00 Bounty Hunters $2,10
20:00 Bounty Hunters $31,50
21:00 Bounty Hunters $10,50
22:00 Bounty Hunters $63
23:00 Bounty Hunters $2,10

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Tournament Builders

Natural8 has launched their Tournament Builders poker tournament series.

T$ Builder tournaments charge no fee whatsoever.

100% of the buy-in amount goes straight to the prize pool.

The prize pool is the total of all buy-ins without any deductions.

All prizes are paid out in T$.

There’s an event kicking off every 30 minutes at one of four available buy-in levels – $1, $2, $4 and $8.

The minimum required number of players is just two. All T$ Builder events have a late registration period of 15 minutes.

Event Name Time (UTC+01:00) Buy-in
T$ Builder $2 01:15 $2
T$ Builder $8 01:45 $8
T$ Builder $4 02:15 $4
T$ Builder $1 02:45 $1
T$ Builder $8 03:15 $8
T$ Builder $2 03:45 $2
T$ Builder $1 04:15 $1
T$ Builder $4 04:45 $4
T$ Builder $2 05:15 $2
T$ Builder $8 05:45 $8
T$ Builder $4 06:15 $4
T$ Builder $1 06:45 $1
T$ Builder $8 07:15 $8
T$ Builder $2 07:45 $2
T$ Builder $1 08:15 $1
T$ Builder $4 08:45 $4
T$ Builder $2 09:15 $2
T$ Builder $8 09:45 $8
T$ Builder $4 10:15 $4
T$ Builder $1 10:45 $1
T$ Builder $8 11:15 $8
T$ Builder $2 11:45 $2
T$ Builder $1 12:15 $1
T$ Builder $4 12:45 $4
T$ Builder $2 13:15 $2
T$ Builder $8 13:45 $8
T$ Builder $4 14:15 $4
T$ Builder $1 14:45 $1
T$ Builder $8 15:15 $8
T$ Builder $2 15:45 $2
T$ Builder $1 16:15 $1
T$ Builder $4 16:45 $4
T$ Builder $2 17:15 $2
T$ Builder $8 17:45 $8
T$ Builder $4 18:15 $4
T$ Builder $1 18:45 $1
T$ Builder $8 19:15 $8
T$ Builder $2 19:45 $2
T$ Builder $1 20:15 $1
T$ Builder $4 20:45 $4
T$ Builder $2 21:15 $2
T$ Builder $8 21:45 $8
T$ Builder $4 22:15 $4
T$ Builder $1 22:45 $1
T$ Builder $8 23:15 $8
T$ Builder $2 23:45 $2
T$ Builder $1 00:15 $1
T$ Builder $4 00:45 $4

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Chinese Zodiac Freerolls

The Chinese Zodiac Freeroll is a free tournament series that starts every two hours.

By participating, you will have the opportunity to win a special Chinese Zodiac avatar unique to each tournament.

A Turbo Satellite to Bounty Hunters $31.50 ticket is awarded to the first place winner, and a Turbo Satellite to Bounty Hunters $10.50 ticket is awarded to the second and third place winners.
Place Prize
1 Zodiac Avatar + Turbo Satellite to Bounty Hunters $31,50 ticket
2~3 Turbo Satellite to Bounty Hunters $10,50 ticket

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