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The LocaCasino poker room is the skin of the Klas Poker Network, where the main traffic comes from Turkey. The KLAS Network shows up to 1000 players at the peak hours. Mostly games are played at NLH tables, but Omaha and Turkish Poker are also active. At Loka Casino the games are played in TRY.

VIP Deal
Fast withdrawals
Great support
Weak players
Good software
Holdem Manager
Poker Tracker
High rake

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After registering in any of our poker rooms, every player is required to enter his or her data HERE in order to be signed into our system and participate in our competitions and promotions.

If a player doesn’t provide his or her registration details to our system, he or she cannot takes advantage of our promotions and bonuses. If you have already made a registration and forgot to provide your details, please do that as soon as possible.

You should see your progress on your personal profile and in our competitions, when your request is approved by us. If you still don’t see your progress within three business days after approving your request, please contact us immediately at: support@grinders.org


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Loca Casino detailed review

It`s been a while since we have presented a completely new poker room.
That is why we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Loca Casino!

Please check our detailed review for LocaCasino HERE.

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Changes in PokerKlas VIP program

PokerKlas has announced some changes in its VIP program. Some of the measures result in limiting players from bumhunting. These changes affected the affiliate commission and bumhunting / fish hunting in general.

1. Players are no longer allowed to “bumhunt” or “fishhunt”.

2. You shouldn't open-sit a new table, if there is already an opened one with available seats. You should not refuse an action to other players.

3. Affiliate deals experienced a drop and that resulted in lowering our Loca VIP deal. Effectively since June 6, players' rakeback has been reduced and corrected to the new network standards. Expect different values for the next payout of rakeback in your accounts.

The anti-reg policy and the rules against bumhunting are actually made for the better. Those players who stay at LocaCasino will definitely increase their win rate. Some of the regular players are already leaving PokerKlas which means that there is more fishes for you. PokerKlas will regain its previous levels of weak player and will increase the fish to reg ratio in favor of the fishes.

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25% Rakeback

Turkish Poker

Loca Casino is one of the very few poker rooms which offer Turkish Poker.

The game itself is a variance of 5 Card Draw poker and you can check our detailed explanation for the Turkish Poker rules HERE.

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Withdrawal from LocaCasino

Grinders Free Hand Grabber

Every player who has been registered through Grinders.org and had made 150TL ($50) rake, gets a free Hand Grabber for the room.
Contact us at support@grinders.org, mentioning your Username and Skype to contact with you.
We will contact you on Skype and provide Hand Grabber for use in LocaCasino.

Obligatory in Email Subject you must write the following: Free Hand Grabber.

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