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Latest skin in GG Network! Solid deal, good support, increased traffic and many weak players!

Weighted rake method
VIP Deal
Fast withdrawals
Good traffic
Weak players
Good software
No Tracker
High rake

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Before using our registration link, please delete all cookies from your browser. To delete cookies, you must go to: "Tools" -> "Internet Options" -> "Delete Cookies / Files".

After registering in any of our poker rooms, every player is required to enter his or her data HERE in order to be signed into our system and participate in our competitions and promotions.

If a player doesn’t provide his or her registration details to our system, he or she cannot takes advantage of our promotions and bonuses. If you have already made a registration and forgot to provide your details, please do that as soon as possible.

You should see your progress on your personal profile and in our competitions, when your request is approved by us. If you still don’t see your progress within three business days after approving your request, please contact us immediately at: support@grinders.org


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NB! - when you register, enter bonus code: grindersbg

Open an account

In order to take advantage of all our promotions in the JuicePoker’s room, you need to register the account on the site: juicepoker.com and select the box: Have a Bonus Code? Click Here.


You must enter the code: grindersbg in new open box and so your registration through us will be successful.


Do not forget to enter your Username in the "My Accounts" tab on the Grinders site.

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35% rakeback

Exclusive Grinders Rake Chase

Register in JuicePoker room through Grinders and you will have the chance to win additional cash prizes by participating in our exclusive Grinders rake chase.

Just make rake at the JuicePoker tables and receive a cash bonus every month from us!

The amount of the prize is determined according to the table:

Rake Reward
100 $5.00
250 $20.00
500 $50.00
1000 $110.00
2500 $300.00
4000 $550.00
6000 $900.00
10000 $1 500.00
10000+ Contact us!

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JuicePoker has launched their promotion Cookie Cards.

Within every Fortune Cookie lies a Cookie Card. Each card is drawn randomly and represents 10 countries. Collect all 10 cards and immediately receive the Cookie Bonus!

Cards for each buy-in are collected separately.

Buy-in Cookie Bonus
$1 $10
$5 $50
$15 $150

Special Avatars

When you receive a card that is already in your possession, it will be added to your cookie collection.

The total number of cards accumulated will appear on the cookie card collection screen.

Collect five of the same cards to immediately receive a special country avatar.

Free Card

Once you have earned a Cookie Bonus, you will automatically receive a free card, which will be the card that was last accumulated before earning the Cookie Bonus.

You will start your new collection with this new card.

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All-in-or-Fold Jackpot

Play for Juicepoker AoF Jackpot.

Hit the Jackpot by hitting a Straight Flush using both of your hole cards.

In Omaha, hit the Jackpot by hitting a Royal Flush. Only hands which go to showdown are eligible to be considered for the AoF Jackpot.

If two or more players simultaneously win the jackpot at the same table, the player in the least favorable position will be awarded a certain percentage of the jackpot amount first and then the next favorable position(s) will be awarded respectively.

The minimum jackpot amount starts at $100,000, and when the accumulated jackpot amount goes below the minimum, the system will automatically top up to minimum from the collected reserves.

Game Blinds Payout (%)
Hold'em $5/$10 1%
Omaha $4/$8 0.8%
Hold'em $2/$4 0.5%
Omaha $1/$2 0.4%
Hold'em $0.5 /$1 0.1%
Omaha $0.25/$0.50 0.08%
Hold'em $0.10/$0.25 0.02%

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NB! - when you register, enter bonus code: grindersbg

Deposits and withdrawals

$100,000 Tournament Leaderboard

JuicePoker gives away $100,000 every month to their top 500 tournament players!

Accumulate Leaderboard points to collect your share of the prize pool!

Rank Prize
1 $5,000
2 $3,000
3 $2,000
4 $1,500
5 $1,200
6 $1,000
7 $900
8 $850
9 $800
10 $750
11~15 $700
16~20 $650
21~30 $600
31~40 $550
41~50 $500
51~60 $450
61~70 $400
71~80 $350
81~90 $300
91~100 $250
101~130 $220.50 ($31.50 Bounty Hunters X6 + $10.50 Bounty Hunters X3)
131~160 $189 ($31.50 Bounty Hunters X5 + $10.50 Bounty Hunters X3)
161~200 $147 ($31.50 Bounty Hunters X4 + $10.50 Bounty Hunters X2)
201~250 $115.50 ($31.50 Bounty Hunters X3 + $10.50 Bounty Hunters X2)
251~300 $100 ($15 Fortune Spin X4 + $5 Fortune Spin X8)
301~350 $85 ($15 Fortune Spin X3 + $5 Fortune Spin X8)
351~400 $70 ($15 Fortune Spin X2 + $5 Fortune Spin X8)
401~450 $60 ($5 Fortune Spin X10 + $1 Fortune Spin X10)
451~500 $50 ($5 Fortune Spin X8 + $1 Fortune Spin X10)
Total $99,940

Terms and Conditions

  1. All players who play any Tournament or Fortune Spin games will automatically participate in the Tournament Leaderboard.
  2. Leaderboard points are given out when players play Tournaments or Fortune Spin games. Players will receive points for the Tournament Leaderboard based on the number of entrants, the tournament buy-in and place of finish.
  3. Extra points are given to players who finish in the bubble.
  4. Satellite Tournaments, Private Tournaments, Freerolls do not give out Leaderboard points.
  5. For players who are knocked out before reaching payouts, 1 Leaderboard Point is given for every $1 used to buy into an event. Players who finish in the bubble receive double the amount of points.
  6. The following formula is used to calculate the Leaderboard points given to players who are in the money. [Buy-in amount * (total entrants / players place of finish)] Example: $100 buy-in tournament, 200 entrants, player finishes 5th -> 100 * (200/5) = 4,000 points
  7. Leaderboard points reset every month.

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NB! - when you register, enter bonus code: grindersbg

Tournament Staking

JuicePoker is offering a new and thrilling promotion. This is Tournament Staking. Players can sell their tournament action to other players or stake the players that they think will win.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Players must first register for a tournament to sell their action .
  • After registering, sellers (players selling their action) must set a markup and how much shares they want to sell.
  • Players may only sell their action while a tournament is registering.
  • Sellers have the right to cancel selling action at any time before the tournament starts.
  • Stakes must be purchased in increments of 1%.
  • Once a stake has been purchased, it is non-refundable except in certain specific situations.
  • When one wins or is knocked out of the tournament, sellers are paid for the stakes they have sold.
  • Any tournament prize money that a staked player wins will be distributed automatically amongst one’s backers in proportion to the stake that those backers have purchased.
The following are situations in which a backer’s stake may be refunded:
  • If the backer has purchased a stake from a seller and this seller subsequently decides to cancel the sale of one’s action.
  • If the seller unregisters from a tournament before it begins.
  • If a tournament is cancelled for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Staking is not available for Rebuy/Add-on Tournaments.

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NB! - when you register, enter bonus code: grindersbg

Cookie freerolls

Take part in JuicePoker’s $30,000 total worth Freerolls every month!

Collect 10 Fortune Cookies to enter the Cookie Freerolls running every Sunday 20:00 (UTC+8).

For each freeroll, you will be given more starting chips for each Cookie you collect.

Terms and Conditions

Fortune Spin players who collect over 10 Cookies will be automatically registered to the Cookie Freerolls.

Cookie Freerolls are three tournaments that are being held every Sunday on 20:00 (UTC+8).

- $1 Fortune Spin Cookies allow you to enter the $300 Cookie Freeroll.

- $5 Fortune Spin Cookies allow you to enter the $2,000 Cookie Freeroll.

- $15 Fortune Spin Cookies allow you to enter the $5,000 Cookie Freeroll.

Players are automatically registered for the Freerolls upon collecting 10 Cookies.

Cookies are counted from previous Sunday 20:00 (UTC+8) to this Sunday 19:59 (UTC+8).

100 starting chips are given to the player for each Fortune Cookie count.

During a week you collected:
- 50 Cookies from $1 Fortune Spin -> 5000 starting chip for $300 Cookie Freeroll
- 20 Cookies from $5 Fortune Spin -> 2000 starting chip for $2,000 Cookie Freeroll
- 8 Cookies from $15 Fortune Spin -> Cannot participate


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NB! - when you register, enter bonus code: grindersbg

Chinese Zodiac

Play in JuicePoker’s promotion Chinese Zodiac Freerolls.

It is a free tournament series that offers a special Zodiac animal avatar to the winner and satellite tickets for the top 3 players.

Zodiac tournaments run every 2 hours daily.

Place Prize
1 Zodiac Avatar + Turbo Satellite to Bounty Hunters $31.50 ticket
2~3 Turbo Satellite to Bounty Hunters $10.50 ticket

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NB! - when you register, enter bonus code: grindersbg

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