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Bwin Poker is the poker room of Europe's largest, oldest and most reputable bookmaker. Traffic and player liquidity is definitely not a problem for this poker room. Solid deal with great promotions - suitable for all kinds of players!

Weighted rake method
Good traffic
Weak players
Good software
Has speed poker
No Tracker

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Before using our registration link, please delete all cookies from your browser. To delete cookies, you must go to: "Tools" -> "Internet Options" -> "Delete Cookies / Files".

After registering in any of our poker rooms, every player is required to enter his or her data HERE in order to be signed into our system and participate in our competitions and promotions.

If a player doesn’t provide his or her registration details to our system, he or she cannot takes advantage of our promotions and bonuses. If you have already made a registration and forgot to provide your details, please do that as soon as possible.

You should see your progress on your personal profile and in our competitions, when your request is approved by us. If you still don’t see your progress within three business days after approving your request, please contact us immediately at: support@grinders.org


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Bwin Review

General Information

Bwin is one of the most popular poker rooms worldwide - company with long history, stable reputation and excellent services!

Bwin Poker is part of the Party Poker Network and it shares the same player pool and same promotions as Party Poker.

Our deal at Bwin is one of the best on the market at the moment - combine with the room top promotions and you get great value for playing there!

Network and Software

In terms of appearance Bwin software is really slick. The colors are mostly dark and the design gives you a feeling of a modern poker lobby.

Bwins lobby is very easy to use. Its appearance is designed for a social gaming environment but that is not an issue for the hard multi-tabling grinders since Bwin.Party network allows you to open and play at up to 18 tables simultaneously.

The most common and useful filters such as auto rebuy / auto top-up buy, customizing and adjusting your betting action buttons, preferred seat and many other are present in to the game client.

Tables are re-sizable and the overall in-game experience is quite pleasant, table themes are just two but the more important thing is that one of those two themes is super simplified, dark colored and keeps players focus undistracted which on its own gives you better concentration on the game itself.

Bwin software is available for web browser play as well the downloadable version supports PCs, Macs, Android and iOS.

Traffic & Games

At Bwin traffic peak hours you will find on average 13000 to 16000 users online. Bwin is offering its players nearly the full range of cash games such as: NL, PL and FL Texas Holdem; PL Omaha including Hi/Lo tables; FL Seven Card Stud. As usual in nowadays the most of the players traffic can be found at the NL Holdem and PL/hi-lo cash game tables. Not surprisingly NLHE and Omaha games are the preferred poker formats for most of the cash players. There are plenty of full tables along all stakes starting from the microstakes $0.01c/$0.02c and extending as high as $25/$50 for Holdem and $5/$10 for Omaha games.

SitnGo traffic is more than decent as well. There are games on all available stakes, from $0.11c up to the Turbo HUSNGs $530s

As for the games quality - the majority of the players are regulars, however having that huge traffic at Bwin.Party network makes the liquidity of recreational and weak players really good. Althought the smaller stakes games - ($0.50c/$1 and below) are rather more fishy than in the most of the rest European networks.

Deposits & Withdrawals

The most popular Deposit and cashout methods at bwin are: Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Moneta, Abaqoos as well the Bank-Wire and Credit/Debit cards: Maestro, MasterCard and much more.

Bwin doesn’t apply any fees or charges for withdrawals.

UPDATE: Deposit and withdrawal fees have been applied for Neteller and Skrill across all CEE markets - 4.9%. Other methods are free of charge.


Bwin is using the Contributed rake methodology.

You can find more details in the table below:

Limit Cash Games
Limits Number of players Rake @ Pot size Maximum
$15/$30 to $30/$60 2 $0.50 per $20.00 $1.00
3-4 $1.00 per $20.00 $2.00
5-10 $1.00 per $20.00 $3.00
$5/$10 & $10/$20 2 $0.50 per $10.00 $1.00
3-4 $0.50 per $10.00 $2.00
5-10 $0.50 per $10.00 $3.00
$3/$6 2 $0.50 per $10.00 $1.00
3-4 $0.50 per $10.00 $2.00
5-10 $0.50 per $10.00 $3.00
$2/$4 2 $0.25 per $5.00 $1.00
3-4 $0.25 per $5.00 $2.00
5-10 $0.25 per $5.00 $3.00
$1/$2 2-10 $0.05 per $1.00 $1.00
$0.25/$0.50 & $0.50/$1.00 2-10 $0.05 per $1.00 $1.00
$0.10/$0.20 & $0.15/$0.30 2-10 $0.01 per $0.20 $0.50
$0.02/$0.04 & $0.05/$0.10 2-10 $0.01 per $0.20 $0.50

No Limit & Pot Limit Cash Games
Blinds Number of Players Rake @ Pot size Maximum
$0.10/$0.25 and above 2 $0.01 per $0.20 $1.00
3-4 $0.01 per $0.20 $2.00
5-10 $0.01 per $0.20 $3.00
$0.01/$0.02 to $0.05/$0.10 2-10 $0.01 per$0.20 $1.00

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$500 Grinders freeroll

From June 2018 open an account at Bwin through Grinders.org and win your seat in $500 Exclusive Grinders freeroll!


Prizepool: $500
Date: July 22nd
Time: 7 PM CET
Name: Igrach.com

For password contact us per Skype - grindersssupport!

Players begin with 3000 starting chips and blinds are at 5 minutes. Late registration: 1 hour.

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100% up to $100 First deposit bonus

Bwin Poker offers 100% up to $100 first deposit bonus.

Bonus is credited automatically upon first deposit, is released in 10 equal segments and expires after 60 days.

2 Poker Points (PPs) are awarded for each $1 paid in cash game rake and tournament fees.

If you make a deposit using Skrill you won`t receive deposit bonus. It can`t be added manually either.

Bwin first deposit bonus is worth 33% Cashback.

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VIP program


The more you play at Bwin, the more Market Points and Status Points you can collect. Once you have collected a sufficient number of points, you can then use them to get your hands on loads of exclusive products. Your points will also allow you to profit from a number of top privileges.

Here’s how it works:

Status Points are credited to your account whenever you play for real-money stakes/rakes and determine your status at b’inside. The Status Points you collect are valid for one month. Your status is also recalculated every month.

Market Points are credited to your account whenever you play for real-money stakes/rakes and can also be collected through promotions. You can then exchange these points for exclusive products at the Market which money just can’t buy. After 12 weeks of inactivity 20% (minimum 200 Points) of your Market Points will expire every week.

Earning points

$$$ Rake needed to earn 1 Status Point All Levels Rake needed to earn 1 Market Point All Levels
Cash Games* EUR 0.50 EUR 0.50
Tournament** EUR 0.50 EUR 0.50
  • Points will be credited to your account in real time after you finished a game.
  • *Points per rake. Your rake contribution is calculated using a system called 'generated rake'. To calculate generated rake, Bwin divides the total pot by the number of players who contributed to it. Then, Bwin allocates you a proportion of the money, based on how much you contributed to the pot.
  • **Points per tournament fee.
  • If the wager is in another currency, the points calculation will be based on EUR from the converted wager amount. The conversion is based on the foreign exchange rate (based on international bank rates) at the time of wager settlement.


Bwin`s Poker VIP program 3 different VIP status. You start off at Green Status, move up to White as you earn Status Points through playing at bwin and finally achieve the highest status, Yellow. The higher your status, the greater your benefits and privileges (your Market Points are also worth more at the Market). But if you play less at Bwin, you run the risk of being downgraded, thereby losing your status privileges.

Status Green White Yellow
Status Point limit 0 400 1,000
Casino/Games bonus
Monthly poker bonus limit 1 1 1


Bwin`s poker VIP program gives players points that can be exchanged for cash bonuses or exclusive products in the Bwin loyalty market. The more you play, the more points you will get in your account.

See the prizes in the table below:

Reward Requirement to unlock Requirement to release
€5000 Poker bonus 60,000 Points 25,000 points
€2000 Poker bonus 25,000 Points 10,000 points
€1000 Poker bonus 12,500 Points 5,000 points
€500 Poker bonus 6,750 Points 2,500 points
€250 Poker bonus 4,125 Points 1,250 points
€125 Poker bonus 2,500 Points 625 points
€40 Poker bonus 1000 Points 200 points
$215 ticket 8000 Points 0
$109 ticket 4000 Points 0
$11 ticket 400 Points 0
$5,50 ticket 200 Points 0
$2,20 ticket 80 Points 0
$1,10 ticket 40 Points 0
1 tournament dollar 40 Points 0

Example: In order to unlock the €5000 poker bonus you have to make 60,000 points. To release the full €5000 bonus you need to earn 25,000 points. These 25,000 points will stay in your account and can go towards your next cash sum or bonus in the Points Store. You will have 90 days to meet the full requirements.

Regarding tickets - once you meet the Requirements to unlock the ticket is credited to your account.

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Bonus Builder - Rakeback deal

Earn up to $500 rakeback with Bwin each week!

Opt-in weekly to Bwin’s Bonus Builder promo and earn up to $500 every week in rakeback, based on the points you earn playing any cash games, tournaments or promotions.

And the best part about the Bonus Builder promotion is that any prize you win in any other promotions just add on top of this - allowing you to earn up to 35% rakeback in Bwin

You have to opt-in weekly in order to receive cash bonus!

Points Earned EOW Reward Received
500 $50.00
600 $60.00
700 $70.00
800 $80.00
900 $90.00
1000 $100.00
1200 $120.00
1400 $140.00
1600 $160.00
1800 $180.00
2000 $200.00
2200 $220.00
2400 $240.00
2600 $260.00
2800 $280.00
3000 $300.00
3200 $320.00
3400 $340.00
3600 $360.00
3800 $380.00
4000 $400.00
4200 $420.00
4400 $440.00
4600 $460.00
4800 $480.00
5000+ $500.00

Every point that you earn playing poker in Bwin poker room will increase the rakeback that you ultimately receive at the end of the week. The more points you collect, the more you get!

Terms and conditons:
  1. The Bonus Builder promotion starts weekly on Mondays at 00:00 (CET) and ends each following Sunday at 23:59 (CET) (the “Qualifying Week”).
  2. This promotion is open to all persons aged 18 and over hold a real-money account with the promoter.
  3. A real-money player is one who has deposited funds into their account.
  4. Players must opt-in to each week but points will count retroactively for this week after the player has opted in, starting Mondays.
  5. Only points earned on real money Poker games during the promotional period after a successful opt-in will count towards this promotion.
  6. To win the top weekly cash prize, players must earn the required number of points as outlined in the promotional page during that week.
  7. If your Points at the end of the week fall between the tiers, then you will be awarded cash based on the last tier you achieved. The remainder of the points will not count or be carried forward. For example, if you earned 750 Points in a week, you will be awarded $70 in cash based on 700 Points. The remaining 50 Points will not carry forward.
  8. All prizes are straight cash and issued within 48 hours after the end of the promotional week.
  9. Points earned are non-transferable and do not have any substitute cash value other than set out in these Terms & Conditions.

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FastForward Challenge

Join FastForward tables at bwin and win additional cash bonuses every week!

Opt-in for the promotion and take a seat on the fastforward tables now!

The size of each bonus depends on the amount of play you put in at the real-money fastforward tables and the number of days you play - either a minimum of four or all seven – every week.

Challenge Four days in a week Seven days in a week
1 point per day $1 poker bonus $2 poker bonus
5 points per day $2 poker bonus $5 poker bonus
25 points per day $5 poker bonus $10 poker bonus
50 points per day $10 poker bonus $20 poker bonus
100 points per day $20 poker bonus $40 poker bonus


Example: If you collect between 6 and 24 Poker Points during four separate days in a week, you will earn a $2 bonus. If you collect 51 points during four days and one point each during the remaining three, you will get the $10 (4 days of 50 points) bonus instead of the $2 (7 days of 1 point) bonus. Each awarded bonus must be cleared during the following week.

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13 Missions

13 Missions is the latest promotion in Bwin poker room.

Put your Sit & Go, tournament and cash game skills to the test and play for a generic $0.11 ticket.

This ticket can be used at any Sit & Go or poker tournament with a buy-in of $0.11.

In addition, you will get more than $25 in rewards and entries to poker games.

Your first mission is called “Get Started”.

Once completed, you will be rewarded with a generic $0.11 ticket and unlock three paths: Sit & Go, tournament and cash games.

Cash Game Mission Reward
Cash Combination $1
Cash Conquest $1.50
Cash Dash $2
Cash Champion $2.50

Sit & Go Mission Reward
Sit and Go Go Go $0.55 ticket
Sit and Go Again $1.10 ticket
Sit and Go Longer $2.20 ticket
Sit and Go2 $5.50 ticket

Tournament Mission Reward
Tournament Try Out $0.55 ticket
Multiplikator $1.10 ticket
Tournament Takedown $2.20 ticket
Multi Tasker $5.50 ticket

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Up to 20% Grinders Rake Chase

Register in through Grinders and you will have the chance to win additional cash prizes by participating in our exclusive Grinders rake chase.

Just make rake at the tables and receive a cash bonus every month from us!

The amount of the prize is determined according to the table:

Rake Reward
100 $5.00
250 $20.00
500 $50.00
1000 $110.00
2500 $300.00
4000 $550.00
6000 $900.00
10000 $1 500.00
10000+ 20% rakeback

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$15,000 Affiliate Rake Race

Running a $15,000 combined Rake Race with PartyPoker and Bwin.

All Players will automatically be opted-in to the rake race if your player account is tracked properly.

Check out the monthly ranking HERE.

All points will be valued at 1$ rake = 1 Point.

The winner will take $1875 and there are 100 paid places.

The race period is from 1st every month to the end date for the current month.

Prices are paid directly to your Bwin account between 15th-20th of the following month.

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The Road to Millions - $20 M GTD

Bwin has announced that MILLIONS Online returns in 2018, but this time the stakes are higher.

MILLIONS Online Leaderboards

These weekly leaderboards for Bwin’s Power Series schedule are a great way to score some major tickets to MILLIONS Online - from satellite tickets to $5,300 tickets every week. That’s over $60,000 a week and over $3,000,000 for the year in prizes.


Split into two buy-in levels: Low ($0,55 - $44) and High ($55+), with prizes ranging from $109 satellite tickets to $5,300 seats to MILLIONS Online, awarded to the top 20 players of each leaderboard.


Leaderboards run Monday 00:00 CET to Sunday 23:59 CET every week. All tournaments that start within this time frame will qualify for points on the leaderboard. For example if a tournament starts at 23:30:00 on Sunday night and a player wins the tournament at 04:00:00 Monday morning, his points will be awarded to the leaderboard that finished at midnight.

How to earn Leaderboard Points?

Leaderboard Points = 10 * [√n/√rank] * [1+log (buy-in+0.25)]
n = Number of players in the Power Series tournament
Buy-in = cost of Power Series tournament buy-in
Rank – position finished in the Power Series tournament

Here is a full list of positions and tickets awarded for each level:

1 $5,300 5 x $530
2 $5,300 5 x $530
3 $5,300 3 x $530
4 $5,300 3 x $530
5 $5,300 $530
6 $5,300 $530
7 $5,300 $530
8 $5,300 $530
9 $5,300 $530
10 $5,300 $530
11 $530 3 x $109
12 $530 2 x $109
13 $530 2 x $109
14 3 x $109 $109
15 3 x $109 $109
16 3 x $109 $109
17 3 x $109 $109
18 3 x $109 $109
19 3 x $109 $109
20 3 x $109 $109

Terms and Conditions:
  1. MILLIONS Online Leaderboard runs from every Monday (00:00:00 CET) and ends on the following Sunday (23:59:59 CET)
  2. Only Power Series tournaments with the suffix "Mi","L", "M", "H", "HR" or "SHR" in the tournament name will count towards the leaderboard points.
  3. Tournaments with non-cash prizes, such as satellites, do not count towards Leaderboard points
  4. Players have to finish in the money to earn leaderboard points
  5. The first seat won must be taken and used as advertised. Subsequent seats will be converted to tournament dollars (T$s)
  6. No cash alternative will be offered for seats
  7. All tickets won through leaderboards have to be used in Day 1A
  8. Leaderboard points are earned separately to cashback points
  9. To be eligible all personal and contact data associated with your account must be correct and verifiable.

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Sit&Go Jackpots


Sit&Go 3-Handed

Play in Bwin new promotion - Sit&GoJackpot.

A 3-Handed version of these series offers faster action and impressive rewards from as little as a $0.25 buy-in.

The prize pool can be worth up to 12 000 times your buy-in, meaning an immense $1,000,000+ could be won for 1st place.

How to play:
  • Select your buy-in
  • Choose the number of games you want to play
  • Click “Play Now”
  • At the table a random draw will begin which will decide the total prize pool
The prizes you can win and the probability of winning each prize for each buy-in, you can see in the tables below:

$0,25 Sit&Go 3-Handed:

  • Buy-in: $0,25
  • 3-handed
  • No bounty
  • 8% rake
$0.25 wins up to $2,550
Multiplier First Place Prize Places Paid Frequency in 1 million Games
12,000 $2,550 1,2,3 1
240 $51 1,2,3 30
120 $25,50 1,2,3 75
25 $6,25 1 1,000
10 $2,50 1 5000
6 $1,50 1 75,000
4 $1,00 1 184,506
2 $0,50 1 734,388

$1 Sit&Go 3-Handed:

  • Buy-in: $1
  • 3-handed
  • No bounty
  • 8% rake
$1 wins up to $10,200
Multiplier 1st Prize 2st Prize 3st Prize Frequency
12,000 $10,200 $900 $900 1
240 $204 $18 $18 30
120 $102 $9 $9 75
25 $25 1,000
10 $10 5,000
6 $6 75,000
4 $4 184,506
2 $2 734,388

$3 Sit&Go 3-Handed:

  • Buy-in: $3
  • 3-handed
  • No bounty
  • 8% rake
$3 wins up to $30,600

Multiplier 1st Prize 2st Prize 3st Prize Frequency
12,000 $30,600 $2,700 $2,700 1
240 $612 $54 $54 30
120 $306 $27 $27 75
25 $75 1,000
10 $30 5,000
6 $18 75,000
4 $12,00 184,506
2 $6,00 734,388

$10 Sit&Go 3-Handed:

  • Buy-in: $10
  • 3-handed
  • No bounty
  • 6% rake
$10 wins up to $102,000
Multiplier First Place Prize Places Paid Frequency in 1 million Games
12,000 $102,000 1,2,3 1
240 $2,040 1,2,3 30
120 $1,020 1,2,3 75
25 $250 1 1,000
10 $100 1 5,000
6 $60 1 75,000
4 $40 1 214,506
2 $20 1 704,388

$20 Sit&Go 3-Handed:

  • Buy-in: $20
  • 3-handed
  • No bounty
  • 6% rake
$20 wins up to $204,000
Multiplier 1st Prize 2st Prize 3st Prize Frequency
12,000 $204,000 $18,000 $18,000 1
240 $4,080 $360 $360 30
120 $2,040 $180 $180 75
25 $500 1,000
10 $200 5,000
6 $120 75,000
4 $80 184,506
2 $40 734,388

$50 Sit&Go 3-Handed:

  • Buy-in: $50
  • 3-handed
  • No bounty
  • 5% rake
$50 wins up to $500,000
Multiplier First Place Prize Places Paid Frequency in 1 million Games
12,000 $500,000 1,2,3 1
240 $10,000 1,2,3 30
120 $5,000 1,2,3 75
25 $1,250 1 1,000
10 $500 1 5,000
6 $300 1 75,000
4 $200 1 229,506
2 $100 1 689,388

$100 Sit&Go 3-Handed:

  • Buy-in: $100
  • 3-handed
  • No bounty
  • 5% rake
$100 wins up to 1,020,000
Multiplier 1st Prize 2st Prize 3st Prize Frequency
12,000 $1,020,000 $90,000 $90,000 1
240 $20,400 $1,800 $1,800 30
120 $10,200 $900 $900 75
25 $2,500 1,000
10 $1,000 5,000
6 $600 75,000
4 $400 229,506
2 $200 689,388

$250 Sit&Go 3-Handed:

  • Buy-in: $250
  • 3-handed
  • No bounty
  • 4% rake
$250 wins up to 1,020,000
Multiplier 1st Prize 2st Prize 3st Prize Frequency
4,800 $1,020,000 $90,000 $90,000 1
240 $51,000 $4,500 $4,500 30
120 $25,500 $2,250 $2,250 100
25 $6,250 1,000
10 $2,500 10,000
6 $1,500 75,000
4 $1,000 226,631
2 $500 687,238

$500 Sit&Go 3-Handed:

  • Buy-in: $500
  • 3-handed
  • No bounty
  • 4% rake
$500 wins up to 1,020,000
Multiplier 1st Prize 2st Prize 3st Prize Frequency
2,400 $1,020,000 $90,000 $90,000 1
240 $102,000 $9,000 $9,000 30
120 $51,000 $4,500 $4,500 100
25 $12,500 1,000
10 $5,000 10,000
6 $3,000 75,000
4 $2,000 227,831
2 $1,000 686,038

Terms and conditions:
  1. A random multiplier of the buy-in amount will be applied prior to the start of the Sit&Go 3-Handed.
  2. Sit&Go 3-Handed games will only start once the table is full.
  3. Seating is allocated at random by the poker room’s system.

Sit&Go Hero

Some superheroes can fly, others climb up walls in freaky costumes.

Sit & Go Hero at Bwin has a special superpower: boosting prize pools!

4 handed bounty sit & go format with a twist

There’s the chance to play for a prize pool worth up to 10,000 times your buy-in. The prize pool and which player the bounty will be placed will be drawn randomly.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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Fastforward Poker

Fastforward is the turbo-charged way to play cash games where the action is always on you.

You don’t even have to wait for the action to hit you; if you don’t want to play a hand, just hit the ‘Forward Fold’ button and you’ll instantly be dealt into a new hand. Players at your table won’t even know you have folded until it’s your turn to act.

Here’s how it works:

The instant you fold, you’ll be moved straight to another fastforward table with brand-new hole cards and different players.

There’s no waiting for play to come round to you. If you don’t like your hole cards, just fold and go.

Finding fastforward is easy – go to the ‘fastforward’ tab in the client lobby and take your seat.

You can even play fastforward heads-up. This is the fastest heads-up poker experience online.

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Daily Centroll

Sit back and enjoy the Daily Centroll with a chance to win tournament tickets in a staggering $1,000 weekly prize pool.

You can do so every day of the week:

Monday – Friday: Daily Centroll at 20:00 (CEST) with a prize pool of $100 added per day

Saturday – Sunday: Daily Centroll at 20:00 (CEST) with an increased prize pool of $250 added per day

Be part of this golden opportunity and collect tournament tickets for free now!

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$1500 Bankroll Booster

Bwin is here to help you to boost your bankroll with the weekly $1500 Bankroll Booster freeroll!

  1. Play real-money games to collect 2 Poker Points.
  2. Select the “Freerolls” tab.
  3. Look for the “$1,500 Bankroll Booster” and register.
Check out the table below for more information about the payout.

Position Prize
1 $100
2 $80
3 $60
4 $50
5 $40
6 $30
7 $25
8 $20
9 $15
10 to 30 $10
31 to 100 $6
101 to 250 $3

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The Power Series

The Power Series is Bwin’s weekly tournament schedule, giving you the chance to play for major guarantees every day-totalling over $10 million every week.

Each day features a packed schedule of classic Daily Majors tournaments, with buy-ins suitable for every level.

Buy-ins range from $1,10 to $2,100

Super Sunday

Every Sunday there are tournaments with biggest guarantees of the week! There's the $2,100 High Roller. Buy-ins range from $1,10 to $2,100.
Play today's Mega Satellites to win your seat to today's MTTs! Mega Sats run at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm CET.

Knockout Monday

On Mondays there are Knockout tournaments with buy-ins to suit all levels. Buy-ins range from $1,10 to $215.
Win your seat with daily satellites, running throughout the day with Mega Sats at 8pm, where you can win tickets worth up to $215.

Big Tuesday

Tuesday's big money tournaments include a $1,050 buy-in High Roller. Win your $1,050 ticket to today's High Roller for next to nothing with daily satellites.

6-Max Wednesday

If you're a fan of the 6-max format, try out 6-Max Progressive Knockouts. Buy-ins range from $1,10 to $215. Win tickets by playing in Bwin’s daily satellites.

Big Thursday

Big Thursday brings an impressive tournament lineup, which includes a $1,050 buy-in High Roller. Buy-ins range from $1,10 to $1,050. Win your $1,050 ticket to today's High Roller in one of poker room’s satellites.

Friday Night

Every Friday there is a stacked schedule of 6-max Progressive Knockouts. Buy-ins range from $1,10 to $215. With daily satellites, you can win your seat. Running throughout the day, the action gets really intense at 8 PM with the Mega Satellites.

Smooth Saturday

On Saturdays there is a lineup of tourneys featuring a 50 big blind structure. Buy-ins range from $1,10 to $215.
Play in daily satellites to win your seat or score some tickets in the Power Series Sit & Go Jackpots.

Daily PLO

Play in daily offering of Pot Limit Omaha tournaments with more variance than standard No Limit Hold’em games. Buy-ins range from $0,55 to $530, giving players of all bankrolls the opportunity to get in on the action. Win your seats to our Daily PLO tourneys for next to nothing via Bwin’s satellites!

Ladies Events

The new Power Series wouldn't be complete without any Ladies events! Female players will have their very own online poker tournaments, running every Sunday at 8pm CET. Buy-ins are split into three levels: Low $2.20, Medium $22 and High $109. And with total guarantees of $6,500 each Sunday, there's plenty for the ladies at Bwin!

The tournament structures:
Buy-in Re-entries Guarantee Clock
Low: $2.20 3 re-entries $500 Gtd 8 minutes
Med: $22 2 re-entries $1,000 Gtd 10 minutes
High: $109 1 re-entry $5,000 Gtd 12 minutes

You can buy in directly or, for the $109 tourney, win your seat from just 1 cent via any of the hundreds of satellites running around the clock. To see the full satellites schedule, head to the Lobby in the client and click on Tournaments > Satellites.

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