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Betsafe is on the Microgaming network. Offering a full suite of gambling products, tons of exclusive poker promos and top notch support. Very good volume of traffic. Top room for short-handed action (3, 4 and 5 seater tables available).

Weighted rake method
Financially solid
Fast withdrawals
Great support
Good traffic
Good software
Has speed poker
No Tracker

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Before using our registration link, please delete all cookies from your browser. To delete cookies, you must go to: "Tools" -> "Internet Options" -> "Delete Cookies / Files".

After registering in any of our poker rooms, every player is required to enter his or her data HERE in order to be signed into our system and participate in our competitions and promotions.

If a player doesn’t provide his or her registration details to our system, he or she cannot takes advantage of our promotions and bonuses. If you have already made a registration and forgot to provide your details, please do that as soon as possible.

You should see your progress on your personal profile and in our competitions, when your request is approved by us. If you still don’t see your progress within three business days after approving your request, please contact us immediately at: grindsupp@gmail.com


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30% Rakeback

All players at Betsafe receive 30% rakeback with no requirements!

Players registered through Grinders will receive upgrade in loyalty program to level Diamond.

In order to do that, contact the support of the room.

For further questions you can contact us at support@grinders.org.

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€1000 Welcome Bonus


Up to €1000 deposit bonus

Register an account with Betsafe and benefit from the great welcome bonus!

The room offers first deposit bonuses between €25 and €1000.

Just join the cash tables at Betsafe and start raking in your bonus of choice.

Check out the table below for the many great options:

You will also earn loyalty points while unlocking the bonus: 10 Loyalty Points are awarded for every $1 paid in rake/tournament fee.

New Player Tournaments

Join in Betsafe‘s new player tournaments upon signing up.

Play in each tournament up to six times each.

Tournaments take place every Wednesday at 14.00 & 19.00.

Terms and conditions:
  1. Only one Poker Welcome bonus offer is allowed per customer, per household and per computer.
  2. All new players will automatically receive a ticket to the €888 New Player Freeroll played the following Wednesday at 14:00 CET.
  3. New players are entitled to play in up to 6 €888 New Player Freerolls within 6 calendar weeks since they have registered a Poker Alias.
  4. Please note that players who registers to the Freeroll but doesn't log in or play a hand during the first blind level will be removed from the tournament.
  5. The tickets cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances.
  6. You can check the progress of your bonus, and what rake you need play in order to release it, in the Poker client under 'My Account' > 'My Bonuses'. Please note that you cannot view your active Poker bonuses under “My Bonuses” on the website.

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Grind & Spin

We've decided to improve the already approved from the network promotion - Grind&Spin. For every $100 rake, generated on the tables, every player receives 1 point for the Wheel of Fortune.

One point is equal to one spin of the wheel.

The points can be used one by one or all at one and all gained rewards will be added to your account. They will be paid out with the rest of our prizes from our other competitions.
The Wheel has 33 sectors with cash prizes - from 0 to $20. Points for the wheel are calculated after you have generated the following rake and he is updated in the system of our site.

Now we are adding new bonus levels - specially for you, grinders! Check out our new structure:

Rake Bonus Points
500 1
1000 3
2000 8
3000 15
4500 20
6000 35
7500 45
9000 60
11000 75
15000 105
20000 140

Important! The levels are for the total generated rake and are not added together! After you reach a certain level. If you have received rewards, they will deducted from the prizes for the relevant level.

For example: A player called John has 1118 rake in his first week of the month and decided that he wants to use his points. John clicks the button CLAIM NOW and receives immediately 3 points. After the second week of the month John has now 4500 rake and again decides that he wants to receive the points for the new level. He clicks the button CLAIM NOW and receives 17 points - 20 for the level that he reached minus 3 points that he already received.

With this change he lower the step to enter the rewards and we are making the number of players that can receive a prize unlimited. Like they say - it's a win-win situation!

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VIP Blackgold Rewards

Play in the new Betsafe promotion - VIP Blackgold Rewards.

Terms are easy: Earn Loyalty Points by playing in any real money cash games and tournaments, and exchange the Loyalty Points you earn for cash.

The amount of points that you are allowed to exchange for cash depends on your current VIP Level.

You can track your earned Loyalty Points in the Poker Client.

VIP level Loyalty Point Requirement Cash Rewards Cashback Rewarded up to
Silver 1-499 $1 for every loyalty point 10%
Gold 500–999 $1 for every loyalty point 15%
Platinum 1,000–2,999 $1 for every loyalty point 20%
Diamond 3,000+ $1 for every loyalty point 30%

Terms and conditions:
  1. As soon as you reach the Loyalty Points target for a VIP Level you will be immediately upgraded and you will keep that level until the last day of the following calendar month.
  2. Track the amount of points available for cash exchange in the Poker Client.
  3. The Loyalty Program is displayed in EUR rather than USD and today’s exchange rate will apply.
  4. It is also in the Poker Client that you exchange your points for cash up to the maximum percentage allowed for your VIP Level. The remaining points (non-cashable points) are bonus points which can be used to buy into certain multi-table tournaments.
  5. The points you have earned, expire 180 days after the date earned.

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Bad beat jackpot

Play at Betsafe and win additional cash prizes from the Bad Beat Jackpot promotion!

In order to participate simply opt-in by clicking the bad beat ticket at the bottom right of any qualifying table. Once you do that, you will contribute €0.02 per hand towards the jackpot prize pool.
The jackpot is triggered when a player’s hand, which can be any four of a kind or better, is beaten by an even better hand. You don’t even have to be involved in the hand to win a prize! If the jackpot is triggered, everybody playing at the same stakes will win cash.

It has never been easier to win a jackpot in poker!

Qualifying requirements for the Jackpot:

• The winning and losing hand must include both the hole cards
• The losing hand must be Four of a Kind 2s or better
• The hand must go to showdown
• The hand must be raked and the jackpot contribution collected
• The hand must be played on Hold’em tables
• The hand must be played on stake levels €0.10/€0.20 and up
Jackpot Prizes:
Winner Jackpot distribution
The player with the losing hand (The Bad beat) 40%
The player with the winning hand (The highest-ranking hand) 20%
Other players at the table 10%
Other players at the same levels 10%
Amount that is used to see the next jackpot 20%
Administration fee 0%
Total 100%

• You must be opted in to be able to win a jackpot prize. You can opt in and out of the jackpot at any time, but if you opt out you won’t be eligible to win a prize.
• The hand must be played in Hold’em on stake levels €0.10/€0.20 and up
• If the player with the losing hand (the bad beat winner) or the player with the winning hand is not opted in to the jackpot, then the jackpot will still hit but their share(s) will be added to the seed for the next jackpot. Other prizes will still be paid to opted-in players.
• If the player with the losing hand (the bad beat winner) or the player with the winning hand is not opted in to the jackpot, then the jackpot will still hit but their share(s) will be added to the seed for the next jackpot. Other prizes will still be paid to opted-in players.
• All prizes will be rounded down to the nearest cent, with any amount left over due to rounding going towards the seed for the next jackpot.
• If more than two hands qualify for the bad beat, then the two highest hands count as the ‘losing’ and ‘winning’ hands. In the event that two qualifying jackpot hands occur at the same time, the hand which is completed first is awarded the Bad Beat Jackpot.
• The jackpot contribution of €0.02 is taken from your balance at the start of the hand, immediately after the blinds and antes are posted. If you have not contributed to the jackpot (for example, if your balance at the table is not sufficient to take the €0.02 contribution) then you are not eligible for a prize.
• The winning and losing hand must include both the hole cards
• The losing hand must be Four of a Kind 2s or better
• The hand must go to showdown
• The hand must be raked and the jackpot contribution collected
• Jackpot contributions are accumulated until the Jackpot is won.
• Players can qualify for the table share of the Jackpot if they were dealt into the hand but folded before the showdown.
• In the event that two qualifying Jackpot hands occur at the same time, the hand that is completed first is awarded the Bad Beat Jackpot.
• Players must play their hands independently. Players cannot tell opponents what to do or to reveal their hand to other Players. Any contravention of this will result in the hand being disqualified for the Jackpot.
• In case of conflict or discrepancy between the English language version of these terms and conditions and the translated versions in all other languages, the English language version shall prevail.

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Betsafe has a special promotion for new players!
Complete the 10 challenges (one each day after you create your account) and you can win cash prizes, tournaments tickets and even free spins on the slots in the casino of Betsafe!

Challenge: Condition: Prize:
1 Win cash prize of freeroll 10 free spins in the Rabbit in the Hat slot
2 Play in scheduled tournament €1,10 tournament ticket
3 Play 25 Blaze hands €2
4 Play 10 Sit & Go tournaments €3,30 tournament ticket
5 Play 25 raked hands through the mobile version €2
6 Receive AA 5 times on the cash tables €2 + 10 free spins at the Loose Cannon slot
7 Play 25 hands each at Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments €2
8 Receive 2 flushes of Hearths at showdown in the Hold'em tables €2
9 Win a hand with 72o at the Hold'em tables 10 free spins at the Lucky Koi slot
10 Flop a set of Two's at the Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo tables €2

  • The promotion is valid ONLY for new players;
  • 10 days after the creation of the account the promotion will be removed from the player's account disregarding if he has completed or not the challenges.

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Sunday €25 000 GTD

Every month the poker room of Betsafe give away over €3 000 000 in guaranteed prize tournament pools and one of the best is undoubtedly the weekly SUNDAY SHOWDOWN €25 000 GTD.
You can join the tournament after paying directly €215 or by playing in the daily satellites and qualify for as little as €3,30.

Info about the tournament:
  • day - every Sunday
  • starting hour - 20:30 CET
  • late registration - 90 minutes
  • Buy-in - €200 + €15
  • starting stack - 5000
  • blinds - increase on every 15 minutes
  • time bank - 120 seconds
  • minimum players - 3
  • maximum players - 10,000
Satellites from Monday to Friday:​

Satellites on Saturday:​

Satellites on Sunday:​

Tickets won from satellites are valid for 90 days!

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Progressive Jackpot Sit & Go

Betsafe made a symbiosis between casino and Hold`em by adding a massive jackpot to your favorite no-limit games!

The format is 3 seated No-limit Hold`em Sit & Go tournaments!

All you have to do is choose from five different tourney buy-ins: €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50.

When the other two players are seated at the table a Fish party slot makes one spin in order to determine the tourney prize pool.
The jackpot is progressive and increases whit each game played, and can reach up to 5,000 times the original buy-in + the gathered progressive jackpot.

If you are lucky and hit the jackpot - the prize pool (x100, x500 & x5,000 + progressive jackpot) is divided 50/30/20 for 1st/2nd/3th place.

Good luck at the tables!

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€30 000 Freeroll Festival

Betsafe offers some great value throughout the month with daily freerolls - all with added cash and tournament tickets!

Every Sunday there is a special freeroll with prize pool of €3,000! Can it get any better than this?

Join now and quickly boost your bankroll!

Schedule and additional info


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Need assistance? Our experts will gladly help you!

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