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Bet365 is on the iPoker network. Оne of the world's leading online gambling groups with over 19М customers in almost 200 countries. Bet365 is known for their comprehensive offerings loaded with exciting features, great graphics, and variety of gaming options.

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"Welcome" package

Open a poker account at bet365 now and get Tournament Tokens worth €5 in addition to your €100 New Player Bonus. It’s a great chance to step straight into the action with the "Welcome" Mission.

A 100% bonus of up to €100 is available on your first deposit/transfer and this can quickly be released to your balance. Earn just 75 Loyalty Points to get the first 5x €1 of your bonus. You can release the next €95 in pieces of €2,50 once you earn 225 Loyalty Points for each.

In the €5 in Tournament Tokens are included:
- entries for Special Steps (Step 1 has buy-in of €0,50 and Step 3 is with buy-in of €2,50)
- two tickets for €1 buy-in each for Scheduled Tournament or Sit & Go.

Once you complete the "Welcome" Mission you will receive another Ticket for Tournament with buy-in of €5.

The promotion is active until 3rd of July, 2017.
For each
€1/£1 paid in rake you generate 15 Loyalty Points.
You have 60 days to clear the bonus.
The unused Tickets for Tournaments will expire 7 days after being credited.

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VIP Program

When you play poker for real money - cash and/or tournaments - you receive Loyalty Points which are the founding stone of the VIP Program. They are credited directly into your account. You can check how many you have accumulated from "My Account" in the poker lobby.

You receive 15 points for each €1/£1 rake. The maximum rake per hand for each player is €2,50 therefore you can win up to 37,50 Loyalty Points per hand.
There is no limit of the points that you can win from a tournament.

Important terms and conditions:
  • Each calendar month the players has the right to receive a maximum of one of the following: one cash prize or one bonus reward; and one Ticket for Tournament;
  • If you choose Bonus Reward you have 30 days to clean it;
  • In order to take €500 Loyalty Reward the players have to be VIP Level Platinum at the moment of the request and to be on that level in the previous six calendar months. The requests have to be done until 23:59 GMT of 5th of the current month;
  • If a player has no rake or fee in a tournament for the last 13 weeks, he will loose his entire Loyalty Points balance. Regardless of the activity of the player all unused Points will expire after 12 months.
Your status: Win Loyalty Points and you will receive the respective VIP level in the beginning of the next month. Once you are member of a VIP program for three consecutive months, you have the right to request a VIP reward. In order to receive the rewards for a current level you have to keep that level or better for at least 3 months.

Monthly leaderboard for a VIP level:
Level Required Loyalty Points
*****Platinum 25 000
****Gold 10 000
***Silver 5000
**Bronze 1000

Cash Rewards: If you have reached the required VIP level, you can exchange you points for Cash Rewards, Bonus Rewards and Tournament Tickets. There are also Loyalty Rewards for players who have reached level Platinum. In order for your request to be successful it is required to have maintained that or better level for at least 3 months before the month of your request. Also, your account has to have the required number of Loyalty Points at the moment of the request. (it's the same for Bonus Rewards and Tournament Tickets).

Loyalty Points Reward Required VIP
7500 €75 **Bronze
20 000 €200 ***Silver
50 000 €500 ***Silver
100 000 €1000 ****Gold
200 000 €2000 ****Gold
375 000 €3750 *****Platinum

Bonus Rewards: the same number of Loyalty Points can give you twice bigger Bonus Reward

Loyalty Points Reward Required VIP
7500 €150 **Bronze
20 000 €400 ***Silver
50 000 €1000 ***Silver
100 000 €2000 ****Gold
200 000 €4000 ****Gold
375 000 €7500 *****Platinum

Loyalty Rewards: If you reach level Platinum and you keep your status for 6 months, you will receive €500 cash. All you have to do is contact the support of bet365.

Tournament Tokens:
Loyalty Points Reward Required VIP
6250 €50 **Bronze
9375 €75 ***Silver
18 750 €150 ***Silver
25 000 €200 ****Gold

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€3000 MTT Missions

All you need to know:
  • Complete Missions to participate in Freerolls
  • Weekly rewards for a total of €3000
  • Receive 8 Tournament Tickets each week
Terms and Conditions:

  • Promotion runs from 18:00 GMT on 20th November 2016 until 17:59 GMT on 31st December 2017. Weekly qualifying periods run from 18:00 GMT each Sunday until 17:59 GMT the following Sunday.
  • The freerolls €500 MTT Mini Mission from 18:00 GMT and €2500 MTT High Mission from 18:15 GMT are held each Sunday.
  • All freerolls are No Limit Hold'em "All-in Shootout".
Mission Tournament Ticket
Play 3 tournaments with buy-in of €10 or less €500 MTT Mini Mission
Play 3 tournaments with buy-in of €10 or more €2500 MTT Mini Mission
Good luck!

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Special Steps

Special kind of super fast Sit & Go tournaments which are exclusive for bet365. The minimum buy-in is just €0,50 and the big reward is €800!

Terms and conditions:
  • Sit & Go with three players. They are Turbo with starting stack of 500 chips;
  • Tournament Tickets won from Special Steps can be used for buy-in in the next Special Step for the next 2 months otherwise they expire;
  • Loyalty Points are not received for participating in a tournament with buy-in Tournament ticket;
  • Tournament tickets cannot be exchanged for cash money with the exception of these with buy-in for Special Step 8 and 9. If you want to exchange them, you have to contact the support of bet365.
Details about the buy-in and the rewards of Special Steps:

Step Buy-in Winner 2nd place
1 €0,50 or 100 Loyalty Points Step 2 €0,25
2 €1,10 Step 3 Step 1
3 €2,50 Step 4 Step 2
4 €5,50 Step 5 Step 3
5 €12,50 Step 6 Step 4
6 €29 Step 7 Step 5
7 €65,50 Step 8 Step 6
8 €151 Step 9 Step 7
9 €350 €800 Step 8

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Premium tables

bet365 offer Premium Tables to their clients which have the following specifications:
  • You play versus players only from bet365
  • Safety and pleasant environment
  • They offer more in prizes giving rewards faster
  • They have a lot of different stakes
You can choose table from a special section on the left of the poker lobby.

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Six Plus Hold'em

Play the latest game type now. In Six Plus Hold’em, the lowest value cards are no longer in play. This means strong starting hands come up more often and it’s easier to make a powerful five-card hand.

Differences From Standard Hold’em
  • Played with a 36-card deck: Twos, Threes, Fours and Fives are removed.
  • Three of a kind beats a straight.
  • A flush beats a full house.

Flushes are stronger in Six Plus Hold’em as there are only nine cards in each suit, so it’s harder to make this hand. Aces still play low as well as high, meaning the lowest straight is A-6-7-8-9. For more information, see the Six Plus Hold’em Hand Rankings. The sequence and betting structure of the game is exactly the same as standard Hold’em. If you wish to review the mechanics of Hold'em, this playing guide provides a comprehensive reminder.

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