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woolrich shop online spaccio woolrich cadriano - Defei prese la mano cheap - O

chirfnuzzl 25 October 2014 13:22

<p>The previous gentleman snorted in addition to reported: When i sensible dark gambling assistance, perhaps by way of men and women arrived at have fun with, it truly is major people disgraced, although appear a little bit reason anyone spineless, the principle in order to additionally your decision to help whenever, in case when you need it that will help using people today challenge possibly not play requirements, in that case, as well as reach us. Metal showdown days and nights <a href="http://www.manxiansheng.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=547175&fromuid=7798">woolrich...
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nike男鞋 cheap - do not take a cloud cheap - greater Suzaku space

chirfnuzzl 25 October 2014 13:19

<p>The total course of action is amazingly swift, woman's challenges what person purely tend not to the best way to stand against, due to the fact low priced however not yet determined circumstance has become embroiled living space. Nevertheless women devils this kind of medical science dog park contains <a href="http://onthestreets.co/activity/p/19387/">nike男鞋 cheap - do not take a cloud</a> simply a 1, 000 persons, Zhao ought to get a number of Yago a...
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TheLeakyFaucet 20 June 2011 22:45

After a long time off from coaching I have decided to start up again due to the fact that I wont be going to Vegas this summer so I will have a lot more free time to do some coaching. Ive been playing online successfully for 4 or 5 years now and have beaten up to 10/20 at one point.

My main games over the last few years have been 600 and 1knl with some dabbling into PLO (unsuccessfully ). I will be coaching anywhere from 50nl to 200nl because I feel like I can improve low stakes grinders...
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First Post!

GoSu 26 March 2011 11:55

Hey everyone, this is my first time on Grinders.org so I just wanna give a quick shoutout and say this is a very nice site. Looks like a good place to put my blog.

My name's Josh. I'm 22, born and raised in Pennsylvania (US), and I've been playing Poker professionally for about 2 years now. Growing up I was always playing games, alongside my older brother Mike. We played a variety of games competitively, spending 6-8 hours a day playing Goldeneye, Magic: The Gathering, and of course,...
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Short Interview with Martin Hruby

Shoma 17 March 2011 23:52


A Short Interview With The PokerStars Pro Team's Member Martin Hruby.
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Aloha moneymakers :)

Pro2type 07 July 2010 15:58

Hi grinders I decided it`s about time for me to introduce my self, my name is Nikolay but most of my friends call me Penata ... it`s a weird story

Before I start I want to apologize in advance for my poor English ... sorry guys hope you will forgive me.

I`m 29 years old, born and raise in Yambol (Bulgarian town with approximately population of 45-75k) but for over 10 years I live in Sofia. I came here to study (Ecology) but I found so many friends that I decide to...
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Some PLO Shit :)

Glista 22 June 2010 18:36
Updated 22 June 2010 at 20:12 by Glista

holla to all fellow grinders

When I read Botafogo's first article about 10 reasons to switch from Holdem to Omaha i decided that there is a lot of reason in his words so i decided to give it a try.
I wasn't successful Holdem player due to a lot of reasons but when I look back i see that I started the game wrong and have played hundreds of thousands of hands on autopilot and I didn't evolve as a player. I didn't know successful players at all and haven't had all these discussions...
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Ohh PLO thou shalt not make fun of me

ytricky 07 June 2010 21:30

Originally Posted by ytricky View Post
Hand History for Game 3367307652 (Prima)
$20.00 USD PL Omaha - Monday , June 07 , 06:46:10 ET 2010
Table Winter Night 2 (Real Money)
Seat 5 is the button
Seat 1: vode86 ( $39.13 USD )
Seat 2: Alehooo ( $20.20 USD )
Seat 3: elzebaze ( $11.37 USD )
Seat 4: lnwpone ( $5.29 USD )
Seat 5: Hero ( $48.04 USD )
Seat 6: elvisdaking ( $21.91 USD )
elvisdaking posts small blind $0.10 .
vode86 posts big blind $0.20 .
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Good Run !

IamBuddha 19 May 2010 03:37
Updated 19 May 2010 at 03:40 by IamBuddha

Hola , Grinders !
The purpose of my blog is to motive all the players , that are playing alot , and are asking to their self , is there any sense I'm even in the end of the month or I a little behind or alot behind.
Recently I had my good run , and feel like I wanna tell you about it
I hope you will like my short story and give you a simple example how from the
bottom you can raise and have the will to play 24/7
So ... In the begging of Febuary I had a really...
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Little introduce and brag :)

caiko 17 May 2010 02:46

Hello guys, for those who don't know me, my name is Vasil most of the people know me as "caiko" and they call me by that name. I've been playing poker from 3 years and half. Most of the time and from the begining was playing 6max, then, year ago transfered to Headsup, wich was most fun and interesting game for me. From the start of the new year i had very bad run like 3 months or something, and i almost busted myself few times, it was very painfull, and depressed. Somehow i manage to stay...
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A nice week :)

jordii 14 May 2010 04:22
Updated 19 May 2010 at 05:17 by jordii

I just end my session and because there is no tv series or a movie i wanna watch and is 3 a clock in the night and i just cant sleep in that time of the night so i decide to write a blog about my last week of april.Not so much poker material tho . Such a nice and good week.

So i will start of the beginning.
It was a meh month for me . I was having plans to shot 2-4 heads up until the end of the month ,but instead i run really bad at 1-2 and after that i play bad at like...
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Hola , Grinders !

IamBuddha 10 May 2010 05:44

Hello fellows !
Since I'm the other sponsored player by grinders.org I've decieded to introduce myself as jordi did.
As most of the members of the team I'm Bulgarian ! I live in Sofia and soon I will have my 23th birthday. I'm last year in the university studying business economy, but looks like I've found another direction in my life - poker.
Few years ago I found this great game , and started to play and learn the game from the bottom to the top.

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Didi Bday

Daggo 24 April 2010 20:01

Didi i wish u all the best man .
We went out to a fancy restorant and had allot of trobbel ordering because the menu was really vast and endless and every meel had a feary tale on it. We ate Allooot ... fuck i almost died at the table... every thing was really delicious... and fallways fancy

Jully Didi Zografa and Prototype are always real fun so we laughed ALLOT ...

Most of theme made jokes about my friend *Peter who is my training partner... and is...
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Wa dup grinders :)

jordii 23 April 2010 19:44
Updated 23 April 2010 at 19:50 by jordii

Hey guys i decide to write a blog , introduce myself and write some stuff.
My name is Yordan Mitrentsov and i am 21 years old.I live in the best city to live in Bulgaria - Varna, or at least the best in the summer.In winter is quite boring.

I am one of the sponsored players by Grinders.org.
And with this in mind i can say that i am a professional Poker player.
F*ck Yeah ahhaah

I am planing to play a lot of live tournament the next 3 months....
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Last few days

Daggo 12 April 2010 19:20

I was in Ruse for a grate party with some old friends. I I did two sessions there and i was -1 bi...
Friday before i went there i did a really baadass sparing with two 110kg ningamasters and i cudn't move much on he party so i just drank

Today i returned the favor to Jully by not showing up at th pad training but i didn't calculate my time correctly i gust tought that one hower is much longer
I Did however - turkish getup / dumpel row / dumpel push / worm...
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My Blog

Daggo 09 April 2010 13:06
Updated 09 April 2010 at 13:12 by Daggo

HI guys this is my first blog and i want to introduce myself

My name is Veso and i play poker for few years now.

Didi was the one who told me about poker and he helped me allot with my game.Thank you DIDI

Now i am trying to play at 100nl and i its real fun

I like training allot and doing martial arts so ill be posing my poker results and my training results also i+

Im on 100nl since the begining of the month...
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Zografa 24 November 2009 18:12

Fucking hate poker some days, fucking love it the very next day.

This weekend i had a lesson with James. We did couple of things - nothing too fancy, played with a lot of fishes, did basically whats called aggro solid game and wtf? In 45 minutes i am down 3.4k on 2/4 3/6. Just some flips, 1 or 2 questionable plays where the hand was really specific, some fishes got us outflopped in 3bet pots and we had to stop playing and i needed a day off poker cuz i dont usually lose...
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I got busted again!

ev4007 18 November 2009 00:35

It is the second day of my grindng for a place in the seminar. I got 4300 hands with a net win for the 0.05/0.1$ limit of 12$.

I thought I should play a little for money and went on the 0.5/1$ limit and sat there with 20$. And then the nightmare started... I was choosing the worse decission and lost my initial buy-in. Then I got another $20 and lost them too. At the end I thought there was no another option but to play with my final $60. Unfortunatelly, I went broke after an AA hand...
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Return to grinding

Breeze 06 November 2009 13:01


It's been 3-4 months of almost no poker for me, and now I am trying to grind again at ipoker and ongame. First few days were pretty bad result wise, after that I started winning, we'll see how it goes hehe. I'm playing good old 50nl until I have a semi decent sample to get an idea if I can still win at this game

Other than that, I'm quickly realizing how terrible my English has gotten over the years. I think it was decent in the past, but last few years I've...
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