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Jul 19, 2009
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    1. mehdi
      Hi, great fan of you work!

      Question: I have followed all the steps here Mod loader - Ongame Mod - Main (bat files and instructions), unfortunately I still have the same skin. The steps were pretty easy to do.

      "After editing those 4 items, save Grinders.bat and you can start it, client should be modded" so this is not working.

      Would be awesome to get it going. Much appreciated.
    2. joqueras84
      hello i see you have 2 versions of site one in english and one in bulgarian . im curios to know about hand race .

      I see you have 2 races one of 500 euro on english version and one of 1550$ on bg version
      but people from bg version are in bot races how is thsi possible? i wann aplay but i dint understand the diference between 2 leaderboards.
      Can you explain me pls if i play in what race am i playing?
      1. Admin
        Hello! The $1550 race is called Micro Grinders Upgrade (MGU) and you can see the standings here: http://grinders.org/races/mgu

        It is a multiroom race similar to grind prix, but for hands. The 500 euro race is just for betsson and betsafe. So - you take part in both races.
        May 18, 2015
    3. Zografa
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