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Poker Strategy Articles

Welcome to our Poker Strategy section. We are going to post unique, advanced poker articles by our own poker coaches here.

17.11'10 - by gavrosh


The so called "variance" perhaps is the element of poker most talked about by the public but also the least understood. In fact the term is pretty wide and includes several different things. In this article I'll try to explain the aspects of that "variance in poker" from mathematical and statistical point of view, without digging in the theory too much.
Generally speaking, variance shows deviation from the average (or some Expected Value) -... [Read More]
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10.04'10 - by Botafogo
Pot Limit Omaha Fundamentals (Hand Selection)

1. General Overview: Even though PLO seems like a game of high variance and luck, it is not as big of a gamble as it seems to the inexperienced player. If you put enough effort in learning the fundamental knowledge behind a consistent winning play, you can achieve a pretty smooth upwards loping graph over a large sample of hands. In fact, once you optimize your game, you can achieve a more consistent and much higher win rate than in NLHE these days. It is well known that there is clear... [Read More]
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06.04'10 - by Botafogo
10 Good Reasons to switch from NLHE to PLO:

1. Fish like “muddy waters” - what do I mean by “muddy waters”, you may wonder? What I mean is that the state of the game right now is such that the optimal winning strategy has not been found yet, so the game is not even close to being solved as NLHE. This way, the skill gap between the fish and lots of mediocre regulars and NLHE converts who haven’t studied PLO theory well enough is very small. This makes it a little easier and more interesting for fish to stick around for longer and have more winning days in the... [Read More]
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30.09'09 - by Admin

This will be the first article I will be doing for Grinders.org where I will basically be giving away as much knowledge as I can. We are trying to make this a community that is trying to help the players and not just flame everyone as other sites are notorious for. And best part is......its free! So feel free to leave feedback or what other article topics you would like to see in the future.

A lot of people I coach and talk to have troubles with pocket pairs out of position especially in blinds vs cutoff and button... [Read More]
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30.09'09 - by Admin
One question I hear a lot is ‘how many buy ins do I need to move up?’ I get this question every week from someone and I tell them the same response…..’it varies.’ The reason why this is a complicated question is because there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration before setting a plan for yourself. Here are some of the factors:

- How much does poker money affect your life? Do you rely on it to pay bills? Is it your only source of income? If the answer is yes then naturally the amount of buy ins you require before moving up to the next level is... [Read More]
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