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PokerKlas has announced some changes in its VIP program. Some of the measures result in limiting players from bumhunting. These changes affected the affiliate commission and bumhunting / fish hunting in general.

1. Players are no longer allowed to “bumhunt” or “fishhunt”.

2. You shouldn't open-sit a new table, if there is already an opened one with available seats. You should not refuse an action to other players.

3. Affiliate deals experienced a drop and that resulted in lowering our Loca VIP deal. Effectively since June 6, players' rakeback has been reduced and corrected to the new network standards. Expect different values for the next payout of rakeback in your accounts.

The anti-reg policy and the rules against bumhunting are actually made for the better. Those players who stay at LocaCasino will definitely increase their win rate. Some of the regular players are already leaving PokerKlas which means that there is more fishes for you. PokerKlas will regain its previous levels of weak player and will increase the fish to reg ratio in favor of the fishes.
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Pokerhost gives you the opportunity to win a$12 500 WSOP 2017 Las Vegas packages. Each package iincludes a $2500 for travel expenses plus $10 000 for the Main Event buy-in. The Qualifiers WSOP MAIN EVENT will run on July 2nd.

What you should know the promotion?
The top 50 winners of this main event will receive a WSOP Las Vegas package valued at $12 500! The event is a $540 buy-in (Satellite). There are Daily-Satellites, Mega-Satellites & Step-Tournaments for this event.

What are the Step-Tournaments?
A 7 Step-Tournament structure in which you can start with a $0,28 buy in and get a $12 500 guaranteed prize, playing all 7 steps can send you off to the city of enjoyment!
Step Level Name Buy-in 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place
Step 0 WSOP Step 0/7 $0,25+0,03 Step 1 Entry $0,30 -
Step 1 WSOP Step 1/7 $1,50+0,15 Step 2 Entry Step 2 Entry $0,30 -
Step 2 WSOP Step 2/7 $6+0,60 Step 3 Entry Step 3 Entry Step 3 Entry $4,50
Step 3 WSOP Step 3/7 $15+1,50 Step 4 Entry Step 4 Entry $25 -
Step 4 WSOP Step 4/7 $50+5 Step 5 Entry Step 5 Entry Step 5 Entry -
Step 5 WSOP Step 5/7 $140+10 Step 6 Entry Step 6 Entry $180 -
Step 6 WSOP Step 6/7 $500+40 Step 7 Entry $775 $465 $310
Step 7 WSOP Step 7/7 $2800+150 1 WSOP Package 1 WSOP package - -
We see each other in Vegas!
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Partypoker is planning to send 100 players to play the WSOP 2017 Main Event. The poker room had announced satellite schedule awarding $12 000 packages.
Satellite winners will get $12k cash deposited in their Partypoker accounts to spend how they like. You're actually not obligated to go to Las Vegas at all. The winner's cash is deposited directly into your Partypoker account within 48 hours and it's up to you what you do with it.

When you do come to Vegas to join the Poker Party you can also buy into any other tournaments of your choice with the cash instead (i.e. it's not just a Main Event voucher). There is a party organized in a Las Vegas nightclub the night before Day 1A of the Main Event starts, a "Golf Day" prior to the start of Day 2, and a Grand Canyon trip at the start of Day 3.

The Las Vegas Poker Party c/o Partypoker will run July 7-14 this year in concert with the start of the WSOP Main Event and will offer exactly that poker fantasy. The package includes parties, golf and a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon for the first 10 package winners.

Here's how you can do it on Partypoker:

$22 buy-in Las Vegas Poker Party Feeders are now running daily on Partypoker. If you finish in the money you'll get a ticket to a $109 Las Vegas Poker Party Semi Final. Depending on the field size, anywhere from 5-25 x $109 tickets are guaranteed in these and they play like a "phased" tournament. That means they'll run for exactly 18 10-minute levels. If you have chips left at the end, you'll move on to the final qualifier with the chips in your stack.

That final qualifier is the Las Vegas Poker Party Final, which has a $1050 direct buy-in that you've now skipped. If you do need to buy in, you’ll start with 100 000 chips. Each of these finals offers 10 x $12 000 packages to go to Vegas to live the dream.

Check the schedule below:

You can progress into the finals more than once but you'll only take your largest chip stack through with you. You can also win more than one $12 000 package but you'll only get one (plus one) invite to the Party activities.

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