1. Betsafe
    30% VIP • €20,000 Rake Race
    Team Tiger • $8,000 Rake Race
    27% rb • VIP • The Beatdown
    30% VIP • €20,000 Rake Race
  2. Betfair
    €1,500 Bonus • 35% VIP club
    Play in 3d • Weak players
    VIP program • VIP deals
    40% VIP program • Bonus builder
  3. Triobet
    30% • Bonus • €20,000 Rake Race
    50% VIP • €500 Bonus
    Bonus • FPP
    FulPot Poker
    Up to 40% Rakeback • Grind Prix
  4. LocaCasino
    VIP Deal • Grind Prix
    VIP Deal • Italian players
    VIP Program • Chinese players
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MonkeyBet.it is a relatively new skin operating at one of the most popular Italian poker networks - People`s Network.

We all know that the Italians aren't famous for their poker skills, actually most of them prefer the loose aggressive playstyle which usually doesn't work in your favor when you are a recreational player :).

With close to a million of registered Italian players, People's poker network is definitelly the right place if you want to increase your winrate!
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WSOP 2016 is just around the corner, but for those of you who remain loyal to the online poker this time of the year - check out our top offers for May!

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