1. bet365
    Welcome Package • VIP Program
    30% VIP • Welcome Bonus • Grind & Sp
    Deposit Bonus • Rake Chase
    Deposit bonus • Grind & Spin
  2. Natural8
    35% RB • Rake Chase
    30% RB • Welcome Bonus • Grind & Spi
    Deposit Bonus • Rake Chase
    27% RB • Deposit Bonus • Rake Chase
  3. Coral
    Deposit Bonus • Reload Bonus
    25% RB • Turkish Poker
    Deposit Bonus • Cash Giveaway
    Deposit Bonus • Grinders VIP
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Party Poker just announced their new VIP Program. The Party Poker Cashback reward program is straightforward and simple, paying out up to 40% cash back directly into your account every week.

How it works:

1. Earn points by playing poker. You’ll receive 1 point for every $1 of rake you generate

2. Collect points to receive cash back. You must earn a minimum of 25 points to start receiving cash back. The more points you collect, the higher the rakeback percentage you will receive. If your points balance falls between tiers, the payment you receive will correspond to the last tier hit. When you reach a new tier, all cash back for that week will be paid at the new higher percentage.

3. Use your cashback reward! Cash is paid out every Monday directly into your Party Poker account.

4. Opt-in every week in the ‘Rewards’ section of the client any time during the week (00:00CET Monday to 23:59CET Sunday). If you’ve already earned points before opting-in, those points will automatically count toward that week’s total once you’ve opted-in.

Questions about Party Poker Cashback:

What’s the minimum I can play every week in order to receive Play Rewards?

You must earn a minimum of 25 points during the weekly period (00:00 Monday to 23:59 Sunday) to collect Play Rewards

Can I opt-in any time during the week?

Yes, as long as you opt-in any time before 23:59 on Sunday of that week, all the points you’ve earned playing will count toward that week’s Play Rewards.

Do the points I earn by playing in the partypoker Casino, partysports or partycasino count toward Play Rewards?

No, only points earned playing poker games on partypoker count towards Play Rewards

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Hey Guys,
in May PartyPoker, bwin and bet365 are giving you the chance to boost your bankroll for free with a bunch of Freerolls, here you can find the schedule and the passwords:

The freerolls are password protected:
  • bwin, May 8: 20170805
  • PartyPoker, May 8: 20170805
  • bet365, May 9: 20170509
  • bwin, May 15: 15052017
  • PartyPoker, May 15: 15052017
  • bwin, May 22: 22201705
  • PartyPoker, May 22: 22201705

Good luck !
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Grind & Spin TigerGaming

Hello grinders,

We want to announce that after a long negotiations with TigerGaming our new promotion in the room was approved and very soon you can take advantage of her.

As you may know since the beginning of March the room radically forbid all rake races with just few days notice.

We were aware of this situation from the Microgaming network and that's why we were able to react quickly and on the next day we have send our proposition for the "Grind & Spin", a.k.a the Wheel of Fortune.

For every $100 rake generated in the room of TigerGaming you will receive 1 point which gives you 1 spin of the Wheel. There will be also bonus points when you reach certain levels. The points are summed in your account and can be used immediately after reaching or they can be accumulated in order to spin the Wheel several times one after the other.

The bonus points will be received immediately after reaching certain bonus level.

Important! The levels are for the generated net rake and they cannot be summed!

Net rake Bonus points
$500 5
$1000 10
$2000 40
$3000 60
$4000 100
$5000 125
$6000 150
$7000 175
$8000 200
$9000 225
$10000 250
$11000 275
$12000 300
$13000 325
$14000 350
$15000 375
$16000 400
$17000 425
$18000 450
$19000 475
$20000 500

When you reach certain level you automatically gain points. If you already have received rewards, they will be deducted from the prize for the certain level.

Example: Player A has generated $1118 rake for the current month and receives 11 points + 10 bonus points or total of 21 points.

[/important]Every player has two calendar months to use his points. After that they will be lost, so please don't forget about them![/important]

&The levels are determined by your NET rake.
Example: Player generates $2000 rake and have taken for them $625 bonus and $100 from POP for cash. That means that the NET rake of the player is $2000-$625-$100=$1275. Therefore the player will receive 12+10 bonus points

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