1. bet365
    March Freerolls
    30% VIP • Bonus • GRIND & SPIN
    $20 Free • Up to 30% VIP
    $48 000 in Races • Bonus
  2. Natural8
    35% RB • In-the-Money Race
    30% VIP • Bonus • GRIND & SPIN
    40% VIP program • Bonus builder
    27% RB • Races • Bonus
  3. Triobet
    30% VIP • Bonus • GRIND & SPIN
    €200 Bonus • VIP Deal
    30% RB • Races • Bonus
    Promotions • Bonus
  4. PlanetWin365
    Up to 25% RB • VIP Deal • Bonus
    35% VIP • Races • Bonus
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Today`s (26.03.2017 - Sunday) password for the Bet365 Grinders Freerolls is 76218 – Good luck!!!

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Hello grinders,

We are starting March with mixed feelings (again).

This is a resume for the upcoming newsletter:
- we are making big changes to our deals so you have read carefully
- new freeroll promotion with bet365 for new players
- change in the rakeback of Loca Casino

We are delighted to present you our new promotion in the room of bet365 - freeroll tournament series for new players:
  • the tournaments will be on Friday and Sunday
  • there are going to be prizes for the tournament players as well as for the fans of the cash games
  • the password will be announced few hours before the start of the tournament here and on our Facebook page

It's time to announce the end of our oldest promotion - GrindPrix.

The change has to be made, because we want to adjust and optimize our deals in order to have better value and use of all of our players. And even that we are removing one overall leaderboard you will see that our new promotions for each room are better than the old ones.

Anyway, we feel obligated to tell you the reasons for the cancelation of GrindPrix:
- the first one is the change that is running for the past few months in the network of Microgaming and that they forbid to all of their rooms to participate in any rake races, chases, leaderboards, etc. that have direct cash prizes. The number of players that participate in GrindPrix through the rooms of Microgaming at this moment is close to 50%. Therefore, when they are out of the competition, the leaderboard cannot be sustained any longer in this format.
- the second reason is the fact that the players from low and mid stakes cannot take any rewards from the competition. The lowest step to receive reward was too high and unreachable for many of you. We are changing that and expect very soon to announce a lot of new interesting promotions!
And most important: the number of prizes in the GrindPrix was exactly 50. With our new system there will be no limitations of the number of rewards that we are going to give you!

We hope that you are going to agree - these two reasons are pretty essential and even that we are nostalgic towards GP, everything has a beginning and an end :) We are trying to adapt to the changes in the industry and we are just going to give for example the awesome feedback and copying of out innovative Grind&Spin promotion!

We will continue with each room and how we compensate the end of Grind Prix.


We've decided to improve the already approved from the network promotion - Grind&Spin. For every $100 rake, generated on the tables, every player receives 1 point for the Wheel of Fortune.

One point is equal to one spin of the wheel.

The points can be used one by one or all at one and all gained rewards will be added to your account. They will be paid out with the rest of our prizes from our other competitions.
The Wheel has 33 sectors with cash prizes - from 0 to $20. Points for the wheel are calculated after you have generated the following rake and he is updated in the system of our site.

Now we are adding new bonus levels - specially for you, grinders! Check out our new structure:

Rake Bonus Points
500 1
1000 3
2000 8
3000 15
4500 20
6000 35
7500 45
9000 60
11000 75
15000 105
20000 140

Important! The levels are for the total generated rake and are not added together! After you reach a certain level, you can receive your reward at any time through clicking the button CLAIM NOW. If you have received rewards, they will deducted from the prizes for the relevant level.

For example: A player called John has 1118 rake in his first week of the month and decided that he wants to use his points. John clicks the button CLAIM NOW and receives immediately 3 points. After the second week of the month John has now 4500 rake and again decides that he wants to receive the points for the new level. He clicks the button CLAIM NOW and receives 17 points - 20 for the level that he reached minus 3 points that he already received.

With this change he lower the step to enter the rewards and we are making the number of players that can receive a prize unlimited. Like they say - it's a win-win situation!

Check out the rest of the promotions in the three rooms:
  • 30% rakeback
  • €1000 Welcome Bonus
  • €20 000 freeroll
  • €500 Grinders Hands Freeroll
  • Grind&Spin
  • €30 000 Freeroll for new players
  • Fish Party Jackpot&SNG


Yesterday Tigergaming totally surprised us with the news that from March the room is forbidding any rake races (obviously following the example of Microgaming).
The news is so sudden for us that we have to apologize and we hope that in the next 10 days we will come up with new promotions to compensate for the changes.

Tigergaming are removing:
- Grind Prix
- $8,000 рейк състезанието
- Grinders рейк чейса

The promotions for March for the moment are:
  • 100% deposit bonus up to $2500
  • $5000 Freeroll for first deposit
  • $100 000 Bad Beat Jackpot
  • Grinders Free Hand Grabber


We remove the GrindPrix competition from the room of PokerHost and integrate the Grind&Spin promotion. The terms however will be slightly different than the ones in the rooms of Betsafe, Betsson and Triobet.

In the room of PokerHost you will receive one point for every $200 that you generate. This promotion is added to all of the rest of our promotions in the room!

In March the room offers:
  • 27% rakeback
  • $1000 bonus for first deposit
  • $3000 Grinders rake race
  • The Beatdown
  • Big Grind Bonus
  • The March of Freerolls

The change in the room of Natural8 regarding the remove of GrindPrix again will be in the form of our updated rake chase competition.

The new structure looks like that:

Rake ($) Prize ($)
300 15
750 35
1250 90
2000 200
3500 350
5000 500
7500 750
10000 1000

The rewards of the competition give 5 to 10% return to our players. When you add this to the 35% rakeback the room already gives, you will have up to 45% and a lot of weak players that is the perfect combination :)

Check the rest of the promotions in the room of Natural8 in March:
  • 35% rakeback
  • Grinders Rake Chase
  • Tournament Leaderboard
  • In-the-money race
  • All-in or fold
  • Fortune Spin
  • All-in insurance

One of our oldest partners - PartyPoker and bwin - are with one of the best deals.

The resume:
  • Grinders Rake Chase
  • 100% Deposit Bonus for up to €100
  • $5000 Affiliate Rake Race
  • Sit & Go Challenge
  • Fastforward Challenge
  • CCG Challenge
  • Cash Game Challenge
  • Cash Game Missions

One of our newest partners, but also - one of the biggest - Coral Poker is giving everything you need to build a roll!

Their deal:
  • Deposit bonus for up to £200
  • $30 000 Affiliate Rake Race
  • £1000 Reload Bonus every month
  • Exclusive Twister Leadeboard
  • Top Dog
  • Daily Challenges
  • £2200 Daily and Weekly Mission Freerolls
  • Payday Payback

We are removing the Grind Prix competition from Loca Casino and the news from the room are that they are changing the deal - the lower the rakeback from 30 to 25%.

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Bad Beat Jackpot

Play at Triobet and win additional cash prizes from the Bad Beat Jackpot promotion!

In order to participate simply opt-in by clicking the bad beat ticket at the bottom right of any qualifying table. Once you do that, you will contribute €0.02 per hand towards the jackpot prize pool.
The jackpot is triggered when a player’s hand, which can be any four of a kind or better, is beaten by an even better hand. You don’t even have to be involved in the hand to win a prize! If the jackpot is triggered, everybody playing at the same stakes will win cash.

It has never been easier to win a jackpot in poker!

Qualifying requirements for the Jackpot:

• The winning and losing hand must include both the hole cards
• The losing hand must be Four of a Kind 2s or better
• The hand must go to showdown
• The hand must be raked and the jackpot contribution collected
• The hand must be played on Hold’em tables
• The hand must be played on stake levels €0.10/€0.20 and up

Jackpot Prizes:
Winner Jackpot distribution
The player with the losing hand (The Bad beat) 40%
The player with the winning hand (The highest-ranking hand) 20%
Other players at the table 10%
Other players at the same levels 10%
Amount that is used to see the next jackpot 20%
Administration fee 0%
Total 100%

• You must be opted in to be able to win a jackpot prize. You can opt in and out of the jackpot at any time, but if you opt out you won’t be eligible to win a prize.
• The hand must be played in Hold’em on stake levels €0.10/€0.20 and up
• If the player with the losing hand (the bad beat winner) or the player with the winning hand is not opted in to the jackpot, then the jackpot will still hit but their share(s) will be added to the seed for the next jackpot. Other prizes will still be paid to opted-in players.
• If the player with the losing hand (the bad beat winner) or the player with the winning hand is not opted in to the jackpot, then the jackpot will still hit but their share(s) will be added to the seed for the next jackpot. Other prizes will still be paid to opted-in players.
• All prizes will be rounded down to the nearest cent, with any amount left over due to rounding going towards the seed for the next jackpot.
• If more than two hands qualify for the bad beat, then the two highest hands count as the ‘losing’ and ‘winning’ hands. In the event that two qualifying jackpot hands occur at the same time, the hand which is completed first is awarded the Bad Beat Jackpot.
• The jackpot contribution of €0.02 is taken from your balance at the start of the hand, immediately after the blinds and antes are posted. If you have not contributed to the jackpot (for example, if your balance at the table is not sufficient to take the €0.02 contribution) then you are not eligible for a prize.
• The winning and losing hand must include both the hole cards
• The losing hand must be Four of a Kind 2s or better
• The hand must go to showdown
• The hand must be raked and the jackpot contribution collected
• Jackpot contributions are accumulated until the Jackpot is won.
• Players can qualify for the table share of the Jackpot if they were dealt into the hand but folded before the showdown.
• In the event that two qualifying Jackpot hands occur at the same time, the hand that is completed first is awarded the Bad Beat Jackpot.
• Players must play their hands independently. Players cannot tell opponents what to do or to reveal their hand to other Players. Any contravention of this will result in the hand being disqualified for the Jackpot.
• In case of conflict or discrepancy between the English language version of these terms and conditions and the translated versions in all other languages, the English language version shall prevail.
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