1. Betsafe
    30% VIP • €20,000 Rake Race
    Team Tiger • $8,000 Rake Race
    27% rb • VIP • The Beatdown
    30% VIP • €20,000 Rake Race
  2. Betfair
    €1,500 Bonus • 35% VIP club
    Play in 3d • Weak players
    VIP program • VIP deals
    40% VIP program • Bonus builder
  3. Triobet
    30% • Bonus • €20,000 Rake Race
    50% VIP • €500 Bonus
    Bonus • FPP
    $20 Free • Up to 30% VIP
  4. FulPot Poker
    Up to 40% Rakeback • Grind Prix
    VIP Deal • Grind Prix
    .it Rooms
    VIP Deal • Italian players
    VIP Program • Chinese players
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Hello lads and ladies!

June has come to its end!

Unfortunately Tigergaming rake reports are still missing but we have been promised that soon the problem is going to be fixed and the reports will be available again.

As for Microgaming, there were a reporting issues too.
Here the problem came from the fact that too many players have changed their poker aliases during June and we couldn't detect most of them within our reports. However this issue will soon be resolved and you will find the final June updates in Grind Prix and MGU.

Some extra "damage" was taken in June after PokerHost stopped offering reload bonuses to the players.

Klas poker network introduced a new policy against "bumhunting". (This actually turned in to a good decision that resulted in softer games)

Enough with that negativeness!
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June is kicking off, but our new deals and pimped up races wont let you chill!

Grinders.org is declaring a war to the low rakeback!

How nice would it be if you earn some additional rakeback or score your May`s best winnings session and put an extra money in your pockets, before the summer holiday season begins?

There's just so much to offer you this month - new "exotic" poker rooms, new rake races and increased prizepools of the ones already running!
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General Information

Bwin company was initially started back in the 1997 and was known as betandwin.

The brand is indeed a pioneer amongst the online gaming and gambling industry.
During all these years Bwin evolved a lot, as well they had some really frustrating downswings at some point back then.
However after Bwin sold Ongame company to Amaya Group in 2012 the brand moved to PartyPoker network and ever since then everything is going smoothly for the brand.

Nowadays party network is renamed to bwin.party and it definitely is in the TOP 5 poker networks worldwide!

Network and Software

In terms of appearance Bwin software is really slick. The colors are mostly dark and the design gives you a feeling of a modern poker lobby.

bwin lobby.png

Bwins lobby offers an easy use for its users.
The lobby appearance is designed for a social gaming environment but that is not an issue for the hard multi-tabling grinders since Bwin.Party network allows you to open and play at up to 18 tables simultaneously.

The most common and useful filters such as auto rebuy / auto top-up buy, customizing and adjusting your betting action buttons, preferred seat and many other are present in to the game client.

However there is a downside of bwin lobby and that would be the resources intense software which makes the client lagging sometimes.

Tables are re-sizable and the overall in-game experience is quite pleasant, table themes are just two but the more important thing is that one of those two themes is super simplified, dark colored and keeps plyers focus undistracted which on its own gives you better concentration on the game itself.

Bwin software is available for web browser play as well the downloadable version supports PCs, Macs, Android and iOS.

Traffic & Games

At Bwin traffic peak hours you will find on average 13000 to 16000 users online.

Bwin is offering to its players nearly the full range of cash games such as: NL, PL and FL Texas Holdem; PL Omaha including Hi/Lo tables; FL Seven Card Stud.

As usual in nowadays the most of the players traffic can be found at the NL Holdem and PL/hi-lo cash game tables.

Not surprisingly NLHE and Omaha games are the preferred poker formats for most of the cash players.

There are plenty of full tables along all stakes starting from the microstakes $0.01c/$0.02c and extending as high as $25/$50 for Holdem and $5/$10 for Omaha games.

SitnGo traffic is more than decent as well.
There are games on all available stakes, from $0.11c up to the Turbo HUSNGs $530s

As for the games quality I would say that the majority of the players are regulars, however having that huge traffic at Bwin.Party network makes the liquidity of recreational and weak players really good.

Althought the smaller stakes games - ($0.50c/$1 and below) are rather more fishier than in the most of the rest european networks.

You didn’t think that I will miss to mention the Multi-table tournament “habitat”, right?
You'll find more details on Bwins hosted Guaranteed tournaments in the paragraphs below

Features and promotions

Bwin FastForward Poker is another variance of the Zoom Poker (PokerStars).

The FastForward Poker guarantees you non-stop action and adrenaline rushes!

Sit&Go Hero is Bwins variance of the much popular Spin&Go (PokerStars) and Jackpot (WPN)

Those Hero Sit and Go's buy-in starts from just $1 and goes to $20 buy-in which gives you the opportunity to win a massive jackpot prize of up to $170,000!

Bwin`s everything but not cheap when it comes to promotions and guaranteed tournaments!

The highlights fall on the Sunday regular Heavyweight Main Event with a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000 and just $109 buy-in

There are qualifying satelites starting from as small as $0.01!

The Guaranteed prize pool tournaments fit all kind of players, therefore you should definitelly check on the Bwin special Tournament Calendar and select those tournaments that suit you best.

There are 4 categories of tournaments:

1. Featherweight with buy-ins up to $11

3. Middleweight with buys-in up to $55

4. Heavyweight with buy-ins up to $109

5. High Roller

The Cashual Cash Games
Basically this is a regular cash table game but with that difference - each player is allowed to play just a single cash table at a time (all players that are sitting on a casual cash table are playing against opponents who are also single-tabling).
This way you can sit back, relax and actually enjoy your game without any stress.

Now am going to list some of the noticeable cash games and Sit and Go promotions:

Card Rush – Card Rush is really addicting race designed in a lottery manner, while you are playing poker and earning points you will also receive special Scratch Cards.
Each Scratch card might win you up to €500 in cash!

Sit & Go Challenge – The sit and go challenge is all about playing more consecutive days in a week and earning more points per day.
If you meet the requirements then you’d be generously rewarded with up to $100 poker bonus!

Casual Cash Games Challenge – Similar to the SNG Challenge your prizes are determined by the number of points you have earned while playing at the Casual Cash Game tables!

Deposits & Withdrawals

The most popular Deposit and cashout methods at bwin are: Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Moneta, Abaqoos as well the Bank-Wire and Credit/Debit cards: Maestro, MasterCard and much more.

Bwin doesn’t apply any fees or charges for withdrawals.

If you still don`t have a Skrill account, you can open one here: Skrill
If you still don’t have a Neteller account, you can open one here: Neteller


Bwin is using the Contributed rake methodology.

You can find more details in the table below:

Limit Cash Games
Limits Number of players Rake @ Pot size Maximum
$15/$30 to $30/$60 2 $0.50 per $20.00 $1.00
3-4 $1.00 per $20.00 $2.00
5-10 $1.00 per $20.00 $3.00
$5/$10 & $10/$20 2 $0.50 per $10.00 $1.00
3-4 $0.50 per $10.00 $2.00
5-10 $0.50 per $10.00 $3.00
$3/$6 2 $0.50 per $10.00 $1.00
3-4 $0.50 per $10.00 $2.00
5-10 $0.50 per $10.00 $3.00
$2/$4 2 $0.25 per $5.00 $1.00
3-4 $0.25 per $5.00 $2.00
5-10 $0.25 per $5.00 $3.00
$1/$2 2-10 $0.05 per $1.00 $1.00
$0.25/$0.50 & $0.50/$1.00 2-10 $0.05 per $1.00 $1.00
$0.10/$0.20 & $0.15/$0.30 2-10 $0.01 per $0.20 $0.50
$0.02/$0.04 & $0.05/$0.10 2-10 $0.01 per $0.20 $0.50

No Limit & Pot Limit Cash Games
Blinds Number of Players Rake @ Pot size Maximum
$0.10/$0.25 and above 2 $0.01 per $0.20 $1.00
3-4 $0.01 per $0.20 $2.00
5-10 $0.01 per $0.20 $3.00
$0.01/$0.02 to $0.05/$0.10 2-10 $0.01 per$0.20 $1.00

In conclusion Bwin`s huge traffic and great promotions definitely worth a try!
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